About WK Levels

How does WK Levels compare to the level at which one can read or understand reading materials like newspapers, books, etc.


https://www.idigtech.com/wanikani/ Check out this cool one!

Put in your api and it’ll give you a good indication of where your level sits in regards to reading!


Check out the Wani Kani Guide.

It says:

Using My WaniKani Knowledge
If you only do reviews on WaniKani and never use the knowledge you’ve gained, you won’t get better! As you progress, you’ll be able to do more and more with your Japanese. Here’s what we recommend, though feel free to make changes to suit your needs:

Levels 1-10
You should get through these levels before trying to read too much. But, by level 5 you’ll have completed most of the kanji you’ll find in most beginner Japanese textbooks. This is a good time for you to start grammar study.

Levels 11-20
Begin reading simple Japanese text. It’ll still be difficult to read anything comfortably, but children’s manga should be okay (these are more advanced than children’s books, and actually have some kanji). You can also look through newspapers, books, manga, and blogs, though you’ll mostly be identifying kanji and words that you know, not reading for comprehension. It’s best to reach Level 20 before getting into anything too seriously.

Levels 21-30
This is when reading Japanese text really becomes possible. It’s difficult, for sure, but you won’t have to look up every other word anymore. Teen manga, NHK NEWS WEB EASY, and other “simplified” Japanese will be more than doable, though you will still need to look words up. You could even start dabbling in regular manga, Japanese books, and Japanese websites, though it will certainly be a challenge.

Levels 31-40
This is where we recommend you start reading as much as you can. It will reinforce what you’ve learned, and you will learn many new words as well, depending on the topic of your reading material. Japanese books, manga, and websites are all great learning resources for you now.

Levels 41-50
Keep reading! If you started reading at level 30 and kept at it until now, you will find things to be much easier for you compared to before. This is an important period in your studies. Read! Read!

Levels 51-60
These “extra” kanji are extras, but will still help you to read Japanese. Those nagging few kanji that you had to look up before will now become kanji that you know. As with the previous ten levels, just keep reading. You have to use the Japanese you’ve learned so it becomes yours. As long as you keep reading, you’ll keep getting better. It’s time to leave the nest, little bird. Fly! Fly!


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