📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

Day 11 :heavy_check_mark: :cyclone:

~ 43-44%

Tiny read yesterday, can’t have been more than two pages. I don’t expect today to be much better. Summer should be a relaxing time with increased reading opportunities, but in fact I’m not finding it conducive to keeping any kind of established routine. Trying to fit the increased socializing and travel of summer along with an unchanged amount of work/study/pastimes as in winter within a day that is still not longer than 24 hours somehow seems impossible. I wonder why. :anguished:


I’ve been noticing that too. So unfair. :smiling_face_with_tear:


:cake: :evergreen_tree: July 12 :evergreen_tree: :cake:
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Hotel 2 :evergreen_tree: page 89 → 198 (106 pages*)
*I don’t count the pages between chapters that aren’t anything.

The benefit of reading early in the day means I could just keep reading as I enjoyed the Hotel manga. There was another 2 chapter story and then I couldn’t believe there wouldn’t be a bit more, so I read another chapter and then the volume ended. :sob:

I’m out of the Hotel manga. I even took the time to figure out how soon I might expect volume 3 to come out, but this months Harta is only publishing chapter 18, and volume 2 ended on chapter 13. So only four more chapter have been published… That means it is some months left until volume 3 might be published. :sob: :pleading_face:

It also meant I read 1 volume of Hotel in 3 days. So much fun, and also reading extensively really speeds up my reading speed. Imagine that. xD

I’m having a lot of synergy between the main things I’ve been reading, and also with my WK level’s lessons. Orange and Hotel sharing some vocab (which I’ve looked up for Orange since that is intensive reading for me), and also what I’m currently learning on WK also showing up in both.

I did mention 内緒 a day or so ago, and I expect to learn that on WK soon since I just had the second kanji as a lesson. And I got 贈 in my lessons just today and that showed up in Hotel today (贈り物). There was also at least one more WK item that I just learned that showed up too.

Kinda funny how in sync WK have been with what I’m reading right now. :smiley:

But whatever will I do with myself tomorrow? Loopers doesn’t start until Friday and Orange chapter 2 isn’t until Saturday (although I can swing Friday evening because Japan’s time zone is ahead of mine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). I know I don’t have to hold strictly to these things, but if I’m gonna read with the club and I don’t have a particular reason to start early, I won’t.

Maybe I’ll try to cram a whole Yotsuba& volume into 2 days? xD

PS Edit: second half of today’s update (which I didn’t know would happen when I made this post) can be found here.


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95 - 122



Only read 1 page of the Prefectures book today. Which brings me up to date with all my reading. Work was long and busy and tiring so that will do.


15 more pages of よつばと! today. And yesterday I did order a set of vol. 1-13 so that I will not run out of her shenanigans any time soon.

Yotsuba reminds me of myself when I was very small; I love watching the way the grownups around her respond to her exuberance the way I wish the adults around me had!


I read the first volume the other day, its so charming!! :laughing:


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Beach Resort: Date 20220712 :beach_umbrella: :raccoon:

No Longer Tanuki Progress: 92.68%

Not much left to go!


未亡人「みぼうじん」ー Widow
中風「ちゅうふう/ちゅうぶう」ー Paralysis
「しゅうと」ー Father-in-law
小児痲痺「しょうにまひ」ー Polio; infantile paralysis (more common as: 小児麻痺)
造血剤「ぞうけつざい」ー Blood-producing medicine
ジアスターゼ ー Diastase (enzymes)
躊躇「ちゅうちょ」ー Hesitation; indecision
暗示「あんじ」ー Hint; suggestion
強精剤「きょうせいざい」ー Aphrodisiac


I keep laughing out loud. And it’s so easy to read that I can muddle my way through without a dictionary and still have such a strong sense of each of the characters.


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123 - end (201)

パン 2 0 ()
パンツ を ()


Well so far… I have finished reading:
-a book about turtles かめ (フレーベル館だいすきしぜん みずのいきもの)
(my area has many cute wild turtles out sunning themselves)
-2 very easy picture books full of cute oonomatopoeia: ずぼっ じー and なつはひるね

Today I was reading りっぱな犬になる方法. It is a rather charming kids book.


Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou!

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:sunny: :beach_umbrella: Memoria’s Summer Readin’ :beach: :sunny:

Day 12:

It’s nearly 9 pm and I only just got back home. We’re in the process of selling my grandparents’ old cabin, so the whole family is cleaning the place out and making it look good. Today was my turn to contribute. :melting_face: I’m pooped, so I’ve read 25 pages of ハピネス vol2 and I’m just about ready to turn in.


I think I’m so anxious about it mostly because I can’t code to save my life, so I wouldn’t be able to tell if anything was off. It does alleviate my concerns to know that you and others use this, though :sweat_smile:

Yes!!! Zero Escape crew gotta stick together!


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・SAO Progressive 1 (87% → 100%)

Finished the book! :sparkles: I somehow managed to read the last 65 pages in one day. All the action made it more exciting and kept me on edge. Ending was satisfying :ok_hand: As always, the author had a gomennasai corner in the atogaki (笑). I don’t mind the issues he brought up this time - mostly one glaring inconstancy with the main series: Kirito meeting Asuna on the first floor, teaming up and getting kinda close by the end of the second floor already :eyes: In the main series, they didn’t meet each other until much later. But I’m happy with this version :3

So this is the 9th Sword Art Online book I’ve read. I don’t think I’ll continue with the main series (Alicization arc is so long), but I might get back to Progressive later at some point :eyes: (in ebook form).


:cake: :evergreen_tree: July 12 continued :evergreen_tree: :cake:
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Night Café 1 :cake: page 4 → 11 (8 pages)

As is turning out to be quite normal for me, I couldn’t not start something new (or continue with something else) after finishing a volume of manga today. So, because I’m kinda hoping to read 夜カフェ2 with the offshoot club starting in August. I decided to start 夜カフェ1today.

So yes, I am a whole volume behind and I have no idea if I can catch up. But so far, it seems pretty easy, especially with the vocab sheet as help. My plan is to read this more on the extensive side, just using the vocab sheet for any unknown words (and hoping 95+% of my unknowns will appear there :pray:). Any other words will hopefully be understandable from context or not necessary for overall comprehension. So far so good.

I’ll end my second update for the day here. :joy:


12th July (Day 12) :sunny: :cat2:

Home post :books:

Just a very short update today: I am now onto chapter 6 of 海辺のカフカ and it just felt like such a refreshing read! Hope the upcoming chapters will be similarly pleasant. @natarin The cats are indeed very worth it :grin:


Yesterday I only managed to read 3 pages but today I was full of power and I read 11 pages 5分で読める恐怖のラストの物語 . The eighth short story was the hardest one yet much harder than the other ones but I finally finished it. Just two more short stories and I will be done with this book.


July 12th!

Today I had a call with a friend and we translated a page of Your Name together.
I also read chapter 84 of Yotsuba which was a fun one involving playing in a sand pit. A few sentences took me a while longer to understand than they usually do while reading Yotsuba, but I think its just because I started reading pretty late today!

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Week 3

July 12
Chrono Trigger → 1 h 20 min.

The music in this game is terrific. I had already listened to most of these tracks from video game music compilations and it’s funny that I already know them quite well :joy: . Just did a quick Wikipedia search to discover that Nobuo Uematsu also participated in this.


july 12 :sunflower: home post

Just finished Ch. 12 of 夜カフェ!! Only one chapter to go!