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62 - 94

It was another day where I looked up and it was already past bedtime… Very busy day. I’m surprised I read this much, especially with how many words I had to look up. Polnareff uses a colorful variety…

I’m also starting to wonder if I should track how often bathroom actions are mentioned or shown. Part 1 has at least 2 and Part 3 has 3 so far and I know another is coming up. I feel like every Part has an oddly large amount of them… That’s not normal right?


July 10 :blossom: Home Post

Today I read chapter 14 of 海辺(うみべ)のカフカ which went pretty smoothly I think! I was very intrigued by the things happening in it, and it felt like a comfortable read so that was all cool. It did still take me a couple hours, so even though I tried to play some バディミッションBOND after because I have no self-control I was too tired and just did one little section :joy: still a successful day all around!

That’s super cool, congrats!! The impact of powering through difficult content :laughing:



I read 3 pages of 2.43, leaving off on pg 90. Just 10 more pages left in this subchapter! Ochi knows the names and positions of each of the members of the Seiin team, but not most of their faces, which makes sense, since Seiin has never really been a rival for Fukuhou until this year, and you likely wouldn’t be able to see their faces very well in the videos of their games. Plus in a real-life setting, Kanno wouldn’t actually have reddish hair and Chika wouldn’t actually be blond, so they wouldn’t stand out that way. I’m pretty sure Ookuma bleaches his hair though, so he would probably still be blond, although only his build is mentioned.

Also, no Aoki yet. We haven’t even properly gotten to the clash. But I’m too sleepy to keep reading…

I think I’m getting better at guessing what the dictionary form of a conjugated verb is, even when I haven’t come across that verb before. Like, んだ is the た form of both む and ぶ verbs, and I can accurately guess which one for an unknown verb just because it feels right.

In non-reading news, I started rewatching ユーリ!!! on ICE again like I’ve been wanting to. I watched 3 eps, trying to listen out a little more for what they’re actually saying rather than only reading the subs, since I’ve got the ENG ones. I learned that, though they say “triple” in English, quads they call 四回転, which I never caught before. I’m still annoyed that Crunchyroll translated 恋人 as “girlfriend,” but like, there’s still no making this show any less gay. Man, I remember watching this as it was airing and absolutely losing my mind over it. Most sports animanga are only gay by circumstance, but this one’s deliberately and overtly so. Same with kazetsuyo (although not to the same extent). It’s great. Maybe one of these days we’ll get a roller derby anime and it’ll be even more undeniably gay, because apparently there are people who say that YoI isn’t even though Vitya and Yuuri literally kiss and get engaged. Although roller derby is girls, so they could have an uncensored kiss and people would still be like, “oh, they’re such good friends!”… -__- But yeah, roller derby anime! Then we’ll have all 3 types of skating! (I still haven’t watched the last few eps of SK∞ though, whoops.)

Some vocab of note:

不躾 (ぶしつけ) [noun, な-adj.] impolite; rude; insolent; impudent; blunt
ガタイのいい [expression, い-adj.] big and brawny; well-built; gigantic. Also, ガタイがいい.
おろおろ [onomatopoeia, adverb, する verb] in a fluster; in a dither; in a panic
赤らむ (あからむ) [自マ五] to become red; to redden; to blush
振り付け (ふりつけ) [noun, する verb] choreography; dance composition; program; routine


:spiral_calendar: Day 10: July 10th :deciduous_tree: :watermelon:

spacer:broom: ふらいんぐうぃっち Volume 11 (17% ➨ 36%)

spacer:ribbon: ふだつきのキョーコちゃん Volume 2 (40% ➨ 78%)

spacer:ninja:t2: くノ一ツバキの胸の内 Volume 2 (49% ➨ 65%)

This weekend ended up with a lot less reading than planned…


what is this Yol thing? i feel a great need! :smiley:

edit: i’m silly! you’re talking about Yuri on Ice! i thought you were talking about some already existing roller derby anime which i wasn’t aware of. and which i would really really need to see :smiley:


Reading went well today with my day off.

Read another page of the Prefectures book and then about 42 pages of Spy Family - finished mission 3 and then read all of mission 4, so I’ve done the week’s reading for that.


:books: :video_game: :shallow_pan_of_food: :sunny: July 10

I finished re-reading the first chapter of 青のフラッグ, which seems to be about twice as long as the rest of the chapters in the volume.

There’s a looot I want to read lately but this next week I’m going to be really busy and there’s a horrible heatwave that will be reaching temperatures above 40C in the shade which doesn’t help :tired_face: I’m a bit worried I’ll get behind with my goals but I hope I can at least keep up with the challenge. We’ll see.


11th of July

Missed a day yesterday, because I was on a day trip with friends from early in the morning and arrived home at almost midnight. I was going to catch up today, but it turned out super busy as well, so I only read half of page 91. There are so many words I don’t know in that page :sweat_smile:

I’ll try and read more than usual tomorrow.


I made my husband buy me the DVDs of Yuuri on Ice (they cost a fortune) for Xmas so I can watch them over and over for the rest of my life. Best anime ever.


Passed out dead asleep doing my WaniKani reviews last night. The clatter of my phone to the floor woke me up. I had the fleeting thought “I need to read!”, and then immediately fell back asleep. :unamused:

I subscribe to a Japanese audiobook app and they send me emails in Japanese. I always try and decipher what the subject says…does that count??? I think I’m pushing it there :grimacing:


Home post

Week 2
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July 10
Final Fantasy 7: 2 h.

:tada: Week 2 completed :tada:

Work done:

Video games
    Final Fantasy 7 -> 6 h 30 min.

Total reading time: 6 h 30 min.

This post was supposed to be written yesterday but it was very late and there was no way I was writing a week conclusion post that late.

So I finished FF7 yesterday finally after I started it last challenge. The total gameplay time was around 62h, which feels okay, considering that the game under native language conditions is about 35 hours ish. I don’t know, I took my time with some things, but I also didn’t go for full completion at all. I missed quite a few items here and there but I didn’t want to spend time on that on this “first” playthrough, especially being a game that you can really miss things forever if you don’t know them or don’t use a guide, which I didn’t want to do because of spoilers.

Honestly that was pretty awesome. I thought it was going to be harder in terms of language but to my surprise the language is very consistent throughout the whole game. The grammar is not hard at all, I don’t think I have encountered anything that made me think super hard. Vocabulary wise I think it was alright too, leaning on the easier side; there has been quite a few lookups but much less than what I expected, or rather, less frequent and more distributed in different paragraphs (i.e. only one unknown word). Vocabulary wise it also depends on what your starting point is, I think it’s a great game for intermediate onwards.

There were two characters that were hard to understand: one speaking in a super rough way with tons of contractions and constant じゃねえか type of speech (Cid), and another one in full kansai-ben (Cait-Sith). Seriously, I think I’ve learned how kansai-ben can be and not just your usual へん instead of ない in negative verbs or the like. Not always, but I’ve had serious problems understanding it at times :joy: . Really took some getting used to, especially written, with no voice and with very few kanji, and then on top of the character’s quirky traits. I was not prepared. But it was only this one character, and actually made them super interesting. I love how the way of speaking really affects the perception of one character, it has to be one of the things I like the most about Japanese, that there are tons of ways of playing with formality and ways of speaking, and all of them give a different vibe.

But anyways, overall a great experience. I will definitely play the game again some time soon. There’s a lot to it and it’s the typical “you understand more the second time” type of work. It’s crazy how a game from more than 20 years ago, with the limitations of back then, completely laughs at so many games made today. The cutscenes are impressive even with their old graphics, and the story is very well developed. Many people like FF6 more than 7 and that’s even older, so makes you think how the video game industry developed over time: some things for the better, some things for the worse. I will eventually try to play every main-line Final Fantasy out of pure love for FF14 (which builds its world out of many things from other FF games). That’s a long term goal though, because money.

Now that I’ve finished FF7 I can finally start the remake so I’ll ask my brother for that. Next thing I’m also playing is Chrono Trigger, which I ended up buying on the steam summer sales. Might start it later or tomorrow.


Congrats for beating FF7 in Japanese!! It’s been a lot of fun reading through your updates!

I’ve been thinking of playing FF7 (or really any FF game) in Japanese, and I also just like Final Fantasy in general, so every time I’ve seen you update I get closer and closer to caving and buying a version that can switch to Japanese b/c the steam version can’t :pensive: Based on what you’ve said it seems like it might be doable at my level (except probably Cid, I have such a hard time with contractions) so maybe I’ll start playing sooner rather than later!

I can’t remember, was this your first time playing FF7 ever or was it just your first time playing in Japanese?


Yeah unfortunately :frowning: I wish it did because even though I like playing on the Switch, I don’t think I enjoy studying Japanese with it, what with the constant back-and-forth between the Switch and the PC whenever I want to look something up. For Japanese I really prefer PC, but it is what it is. It’s weird because some FF have a Japanese option on Steam and then some others don’t, like 9, which is very disappointing.

Go for it! Luckily the majority of the text windows in the game stay on screen until you skip them so it’s easy to look up anything you want. What I did with the ones that skipped automatically was making screenshots with the Switch screenshot button and coming back to them right after :smile: . Other than that, some difficulty might be derived from not having kanji sometimes, I still struggle with that if I don’t know a word, because you don’t know where things start or end occasionally.

I did play FF7 before (and for some strange reason quit right before the last fight at the end of the game) but it was many years ago I barely remembered a thing, and I also forget things a lot (which is both great and frustrating :sob: ). But yes, first time playing in Japanese.


Main Post

Broke camp and returned home on saturday, although today was the first time I could make some time for making a post. Also turned off vacation mode today, so I could start reviewing. I was able to finish Flying Witch vol 2 and Zenitendo vol 2 over the weekend. I think Flying Witch is one of the series I’ll probably return to later as it is a fun and light read that fits in anywhere easily at this point. Zenitendo is getting more mysterious the more I read. Also tried reading the first chapter of One Piece through the free period, not sure how far I’ll get as it’s a bit annoying to use the website.

As for what’s next I’m gonna read through the volumes of Nagatoro and read more Yoru Cafe. Thinking about ordering some more manga and books now that some new releases just came out.


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Beach Resort: Date 20220711 :beach_umbrella: :raccoon:

No Longer Tanuki Progress: 90.34%

Whenever I sit down to read No Longer Human, I always imagine that I’ve arrived at a library and the smiley happy narrator man from the Aoi Bungaku series (Masato Sakai) is the librarian and says “they are evergreen because they are masterpieces” as he hands me the book, and I sit in the comfy seats by the window.


滑稽「こっけい」ー Funny; comical (pretty sure I’ve seen this before but that second kanji keep stumping me)
薄汚い「うすぎたない」ー Filthy; dirty looking; drab
喀血「かっけつ」ー Haemoptysis; coughing up blood; lung haemorrhage
日の丸の旗「ひのまるのはた」ー The Japanese flag (kind of self-explanatory but I’ve never seen it before)
堂々「どうどう」ー Magnificent; grand; impressive
棒立ち [ぼうだち」ー Standing upright
松葉杖「まつばづえ」ー Crutch(es)
風邪気味「かぜぎみ」ー Slight cold; bit of a cold; lingering cold
テーベ ー TB; Tuberculosis (Also: 結核「けっかく」)

Nice going! This is awesome! :tada: :tada:


13 more pages of よつばと! today; now on p. 173.

I am finding it so fun that I’m considering buying a full set (1-14 or 1-10). I have vol. 2 on the way already but vol. 3 alone will cost me almost $40 CAN, so investing in a series of 14 for $160 CAN seems wise. I am really enjoying the physical books; it’s reminding me what a different experience it is from reading on a screen.


With any luck, hopefully we’ll get one within the next few years. YoI came out Oct 2016 and SK∞ Jan 2021, so if it becomes a pattern, that means… 2025. Okay, that’s longer than I thought, but still, one can hope! Likes to charge, reblogs to cast

I don’t have it yet, but it’s definitely one I plan on getting. (The only ones I have rn are 2.43 and Battery, two sports anime that aren’t very good adaptations, especially in the case of Battery, so idk what that says about me that those are my first two, the ones that I have to have lol)


I find myself buying DVDs fairly often; I don’t love anime enough to subscribe to Crunchyroll or Funimation, and some things are hard to find streaming in Canada with subs not dubs (I own 君の名は and 天気の子 for this reason). If I really love something and can’t stream it somewhere easy like Netflix, I will buy it so I can rewatch later, a couple of times with English subs and then with Japanese or no subs. Recently bought 海まちdiary for this.


I have a free account on Crunchyroll and Funimation, but I don’t watch enough to make a paid one worth it. I also have no qualms about streaming via less, hrm, official means when I can’t find them elsewhere, but my favorite shorter series I do get/plan on getting the Blu-Rays for since they’re region-free. Also friggin’ expensive though, which is why it’s only the shorter ones, like 1 or 2 seasons. So YoI is on my wishlist, same with Uramichi-oniisan and Oofuri, and Cool Doji Danshi will almost certainly be going on there as well after it airs… and I may make an exception for NatsuYuu. It’s got like 6 seasons but it’s my comfort series, so. It’ll definitely take a lot longer than getting the manga lol


:sunny: :beach_umbrella: Memoria’s Summer Readin’ :beach: :sunny:

Day 11:

Super tired today, so I was not in the mood to do more Zero Escape tinkering :sweat_smile: I figured I wanted something easy instead, so I read 40 pages of ハピネス2. I was supposed to read it with the book club, but unfortunately my new job just ran away with me. Wow, though. It’s just so easy after reading ピーチガール! I know it’s read in the absolute beginner book club for a reason, but it’s kind of amazing to read 40 pages and not have to look up a single word or grammar point.

Realizing how weak my Textractor game is

Haha… right…

Is that how people use it?! I’ve literally just been using textractor and copying & pasting from the clipboard thing in the program :skull_and_crossbones: In hindsight, I really should have looked up a guide on how to use these tools, huh. Your explanation makes it sound way more convenient. I love your little DIY solution for the squished katakana problem, too!

This is probably a silly question, but is the clipboard inserter browser extension… safe to use? I’m always very anxious about installing things, and especially if it’s not a very well-known app or program. If this is how everyone here does their vn reading though… :sweat_smile: (Thank you again for taking the time to troubleshoot and suggest fixes :yellow_heart:

I didn’t know about game2text either :sob: Where did all these nifty tools come from, all of a sudden?! Maybe it’s because I’ve been playing games on my Switch and got used to things being really inconvenient. At least you didn’t have to deal with the odd katakana problem. It’s ok, though! I’ll figure it out somehow…

Thanks for the tip! It’s nice to know these things before diving in fully. I think I don’t mind either of those modes too much. Oh, and even though I loathe tutorial screens, I’ll take my time when I start over again. Just gotta treat myself like a kid sometimes. Boring text first, fun text after…