📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

Oh noes! :cold_sweat: Get well again soon please! :face_with_thermometer:

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This week, I took a very short break from Flesh&Blood to read the first chapter of 博多豚骨ラーメンズ (because I needed to decide whether I want to buy more of it while it’s on sale) and it is soooo good :grin: Some things are exactly as in the anime, some are a bit different, and we get much more background information on the characters early on, which makes everything much deeper and more logical for me. So - as you can probably imagine - I bought a few more volumes :sweat_smile:

I went to a super cool and super chill music festival from Thursday to Sunday, where I planned to chill and read a lot while listening to music or hanging out at the lake they have on-site, and they announced that they’d offer solar-powered charging stations for everybody, so I didn’t worry about bringing lots of backup energy for my cellphone (with which I read digital books) nor about bringing paperback books. Of course the charging stations were lost in transition on some highway or whatever, so they never materialized at the festival site. Which I only discovered when I actually needed them :woman_shrugging: Before I reached that point, I managed to read some Tonkotsu Ramens on Thursday (on the train), and I read a lot on Friday - at first I finished off Tonkotsu Ramens (edit: chapter 1 :sweat_smile:), then switched back to Flesh&Blood. But as there were lots of people with lots of mobile devices on this site in the middle of nowhere, I would regularly lose my Internet connection, which Bookwalker doesn’t like. To mitigate this, I switched to reading Kafka which @Myria thankfully converts into PDF and shares with me (I usually prefer to read the book on paper but it was convenient this time). And then, my batteries reached a serious level of emptiness :cold_sweat: so I could not read on Saturday at all. Which means that’s my first missed day for this challenge - and I must say for a good reason, as it was a pretty interesting experience to be without cellphone and internet for about 2 days while at the same time having lots of great music and scenery around me. No regrets :grin:
Today I went back to reading Kafka as the turn of events has been absolutely exciting, and I am soooo curious how it will continue! After that I’ll go back to Flesh&Blood which also starts to hint at some interesting plot twists…