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June 9th からかい上手の高木さん finished chapter 3 \o/
Today I was blessed by the manga gods with some shorter pages, combined with today having scheduled time with a friend to read manga together, I was able to read through pages 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16. Phewf!


There’s not much context. Reimu finished the mining and headed back home when Marisa decided to be profound.

Looking at the other playlists, it might refer to another LP series マイクラ借金返済物語 地上編.


That jibes with the quotes!

While I’m not… an expert on this video format or group, I’ve played enough Lucas Arts games to know different fonts = different speakers, so I think I understand enough to translate it (very roughly) something like:

red font: it’d been a while since I did branch mining, but it was fun as usual.
yellow font: I thought you would have had enough of mining from the “debt” series.
red font: that was just penance.

I would guess that other LP series was probably like, more of a challenge run type of thing with some kind of restriction (presumably involving paying off a debt incurred at the start, via a lot of mining?).
So the dialogue/joke would be about how that series didn’t turn them off of mining in general, it’s difficulty and restriction was it’s own reward or duty in a way, separate from regular carefree mining.
(at least is my new guess)

Thanks for the context!


:ballot_box_with_check: Day 9

Halfway through chapter 3 of カラフル! This chapter is really challenging for me. There’s a scene where the main character sits and talks with his school guidance counselor, and they have a technical conversation.

The cool thing is that chapter 9 of Tobira covered how the Japanese school system has changed over the years. So I had a surprising amount of context around the whole situation! Still… That vocabulary…

Interesting words for today!

百も承知ひゃく しょうち = knowing full well
象られるかたど = to represent, make or model after (as in painting, sculpture, etc…)
浮き世離れうきよばなれ = Otherworldliness, detachment from the real world



First thing I read today was an article from NHK Easy News about the Alzheimer’s medication that was recently FDA approved. I had a few stumbles trying to understand a couple of sentences, but I got through it :muscle: I also picked up the short stories I have from Lingo Mastery and read the first chapter~ I liked reading through it and making sense of the Japanese before reading it again with the English translations below. Overall, I didn’t have any problems understanding it and only had to look up certain words.

I plan to continue since it’s only 20 chapters, and I like comparing my comprehension against the English translations. But, I really want something more interteresting. :sweat_smile: So I purchased the first volume of Sailor Moon from Book Walker, and that’s part of my goal for tomorrow. :full_moon_with_face:


Day 6

Giving advice on the forums about how to learn Japanese has reminded me to… actually do my Japanese.

Ryuugajou Nanana 1 45% → 48%.

I’m always amazed at how slowly paced light novels are compared to their counterparts. I think the first episode covered 40% of the first novel lol


Hey Raionus can you tell me what’s your avatar’s name(I mean the name of anime)


yuru yuri


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I finished Chapter 4 of からかい上手の高木さん today, as well as Chapter 2 of 魔女の宅急便!

When I think I’ve understood everything in Kiki fine after looking up a lot of grammar and vocabulary, and then look through the discussion thread and realise how much I’d missed…
Still enjoyable though :smiley:


I have one page left of chapter 1 of Kikis so expect to be in the same boat later today when I take a look at the thread hahaha :sweat_smile: I’ve generally been finding it pretty okay so far but yeah, who knows how much I’m missing!


I know it’s a bit early for this, but I just wanted to say I’ve really noticed a change in my Japanese understanding level! Before this challenge, I thought studying without reading and just existing in an almost total Japanese environment was enough. I’d always been too afraid to fully take the leap into native material.

Honestly though, reading every night even just for the past nine days or so has really up’d my confidence. I read a lot of things passively all the time, but focusing in for 30 minutes to an hour on more complicated sentences has really improved my overall Japanese understanding at a much faster rate than I thought it would. I still have a long way to go, but this challenge has really shown me the benefits of reading every day after such a short time so I’ll definitely continue it.


It wasn’t 10pm today, but I was feeling bleh anyway so I just read volume 4 (I’m already way ahead anyway). I thought I would stop there for the day, but then that last part happened so I went ahead and read the first chapter two thirds of volume 5.


I forgot that physical books don’t keep track of my reading progress… Had to find a bookmark.


See what I meant about not recommending stopping at 4?! Since I didn’t track down individual chapters that was my ending for 9 months :weary:


I have started reading a page every now and then, even tho I don’t have much time to do this right now so I don’t think I can start a streak until July when I have a few weeks off. Today I started reading the first chapter of 不滅のあなたへ (to your eternity) and already stumbled over the third sentence:

I know the first part is normal ball/sphere and nai makes it negative, but I was wondering what the ‘de’ and ‘ha/wa’ mean in this sentence. I think they are particles but not sure how I could break it down… Anyone here that can help me? :smiley:


じゃ comes from a contraction of では, so ではない means the same thing as じゃない :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! This is really good to know :blush: (maybe I should start to pick up some more grammar soon >.>)

Today I bought some new text markers for studying Japanese and I’m really loving how colorful my notes look :heart:


Your markers are all such lovely colors! Makes studying look like so much fun :sob::two_hearts:


Your profile says you’re in Japan so opened Amazon.jp and found these:

15 stabilo markers

6 smaller markers

These are good markers that don’t dry out fast and the colors are really great :grin: