📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2021 🏖🏖

I started reading リトルバスターズ! エクスタシー 朱鷺戸沙耶 ~SCHOOL REVOLUTION~ but just ten pages and then I read two texts in the tobira book if that counts.

It was a horrible week I was really busy and people bothered me all the time.


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Day 75 :ballot_box_with_check:
Satori Reader: Secret, Episode 29.

Aaaand done! Conclusion post coming tomorrow :relaxed: but right now, my bed needs me :sleeping_bed: .


Summary post

Day 75: August 14th
What did I read?: ふらいんぐうぃっち Vol 10 and 日本のお城
How much did I read?: 18 pages (1 chapter) and 2 pages (1 castle)
How long did it take me?: 12 min and 24 min

Super short chapter of Flying Witch this week, so I added on a bit more castles too. The cat creatures in Flying Witch are so angry :joy: They’re so cute though. As is Big Giant Cloud Cat. Just one more day of the challenge to go! Which is good timing, I think, I feel like I’m about ready for a break.


After seeing some people here talk about Satori Reader I tried using it today and I must say that it is really good for practicing reading skills and learning new words! Even with WK level 10 it is very doable since you can hover every word to get the translation, including additional notes! I really recommend everyone just trying the free stories and see if you like it :blush:


:confetti_ball: Summer 2021 Reading Challenge Completion Post :confetti_ball:

Completion: 75 / 75 days (100%)

Work done:

  • Satori Reader: 75 episodes
  • NHK Easy News: 1 article
  • コーヒーが冷めないうちに: 39 pages
  • Final Fantasy III: 2h

Thoughts on the challenge:

  • Overall it has been a very pleasant experience and I’m glad I joined. It has definitely pushed me to read frequently, something I was very much in need of after getting to Lv60. I will still need to push myself after this, because I already feel Oh Lazy Me in the background.

  • I decided that I wanted to make it 75 days, but these last two weeks have been noticeably harder (and a bit boring) than the previous two months. I was thinking that perhaps 61 days is the optimal time span for me, but I’m also wondering if that is because almost everybody else was already done and following alone was no fun. Perhaps 75 days is way too much in general to follow as a group, so one way or another I think 61 days is indeed the sweet spot. I could do those 2 months with no burnout, something to keep in mind for the next challenge. Working through it with everybody else definitely helped me to keep going strong.

  • It has taught me even if just a little bit that no matter how little you do everyday, it still amounts to a lot over time. I have trouble myself with doing too little, I feel like I should be doing more, but honestly I needed to see how much I’ve done in the end, and wow, I know that other people have done a lot more and that is amazing, but I feel good for myself. Just for the 75 satori reader episodes alone it has been so much worth it. I hope this helps me change my mindset and understand that even the smallest steps everyday carry you a long way over time, no matter how little it is. I need this mindset in my life :joy: .

  • I think many of us learned from this challenge to just quit reading something we’re not clearly enjoying. In my case, I started コーヒーが冷めないうちに with the IBC, and it’s not like I disliked it or anything, but it felt like a burden. Perhaps following book club schedules is not for me unless I really love what they’re reading. I’d much rather set FFXIV in Japanese and grab words here and there, personally.

  • I got to interact with many of you I hadn’t interacted before and that’s awesome, it felt like a small family to come back to every day. It’s been great working with you all, discussing and getting to know a bit about yourselves. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the next one! :wink:



I did learn French in school for 8 years, but the teachers (and some other circumstances) were so bad, I wouldn’t even dream of touching Layton in French

There you have an example of Layton riddle in Japanese. When I played Katrielle, it was on Switch, so I had a nicer text resolution.




On the other hand, when you really love what they’re reading, you can get impatient about the pace :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s why when Sayaka Murata Book Club started a new book now, I also started a second one by the same author to resist reading ahead in the first one :stuck_out_tongue:

Summary post

Day 49
August 13

  • 生命式 (0% → 5%)

Day 50
August 14

  • 生命式 (5% → 8%)

Ah thanks for posting an example!

It’s the shadows isn’t it :eyes:

I think if all the riddle descriptions are on a similar level then that’d be okay.

Have you come across any riddles that require actual langage knowledge aside from the instructions? As in the solution requires you to understand wordplay or something.
On the one hand I think that’d be really fun, but also probably hard :joy:

I feel like on an old DS, the tiny font/screen size might not be ideal from a language learner’s perspective, but it might just work out okay :thinking:


Summary post

Day 76: August 15th
What did I read?: 日本のお城
How much did I read?: 4 pages (2 castles)
How long did it take me?: 42 min

Last day! (What an odd number of days to finish on…if I had realized that, I might have set yesterday as my stopping day so that it would be a nice round 75 days. But ending on the 14th of the month would also feel weird so…oh well :sweat_smile:). This book has some looong sentences in it. Not the easiest to parse, when you’re also not very familiar with the various major events and personages of Japanese history lol. Luckily no one’s going to be testing me on any of this :wink:

Separate overall reflection post incoming a bit later!


Just want to drop in to say say everyone still reading is doing so great!! Congrats to those who are finishing up!!

Also, now I wanna try the Prof. Layton games too✨

I haven’t been ready every single day, but I have been reading more often than not. Making progress in 深夜特急1, finished the first chapter. Other than that, I’ve now had confidence to pick up magazine articles in the waiting room and other such things! Can firmly thank this thread for being able to do this.

I’m trying to maintain the reading habit, while taking some “rest” until our next serious reading challenge! Hehehe

Til then, I’m reading all of your progress and cheering for all of you wonderful people.


Yes, that’s him! :heart:
Loving all the Ace Attorney and professors Layton hype here, two of my favorites.


So much Japanese!


I was thinking it was the animals, but you’re right, shadows are much more reliable answer! (I got the screenshot itself from the random article, which used it as an illustration, so there wasn’t any answer provided :sweat_smile:).
I said before that my main problem with Layton series is that I’m not good at the genre :laughing:

There were some language riddles, but the words they used were on the easier side, like N5 vocabulary.
And I mentioned before the dilemma if the sun counts as 星 which jisho insisted it doesn’t, but the game assumed it does :stuck_out_tongue:
But there were only a few, most relied on logical thinking, not wordplay. And there are also in-game hints available and also you don’t have to solve every single puzzle.


Wow, it’s so quiet here now… :no_mouth:

Summary post

Day 51
August 15

  • 生命式 (8% → 12%)

Day 52
August 16

  • 生命式 (12% → 18%) (short story 1/12)

Day 53
August 17

  • 生命式 (18% → 22%)

Bring on the fall challenge haha.


Did I mean to write this post a couple days ago, yes I did. Did I temporarily die of exhaustion because I had to start going into the office again, also yes. I’m not sure how I ever did this 5 days a week. Anyway…

:sparkles: Challenge Completed! :sparkles:

During the challenge, I read every day for 76/76 days, finished 21 volumes of manga (2 of which I had started prior to the challenge), and made progress on 2 additional manga volumes + a kid’s book.

A Complete List of Stuff I Read

不可解なぼくのすべてを (all 5 volumes)
サメーズ -サメとアザラシ-
よつばと! Vol. 15
レンタルおにいちゃん Vol. 2, 3, and 4
しまなみ誰そ彼 Vol. 1 and 2
君には届かない Vol. 1, 2, and 3
シメジ シミュレーション Vol. 2
地縛少年 花子くん Vol. 1

Partially Read
ねこねこ日本史でよくわかる 日本のお城 (book)
ふらいんぐうぃっち Vol. 10
囀る鳥は羽ばたかない Vol. 1

I read a total of 3546 pages of manga and 16 pages of non-manga over the course of approximately 5305 minutes (88.4 hours). That’s an average of ~47 pages and ~70 minutes of reading per day!
Enough with the random calculations, windupbird

Honestly, I feel very successful looking at those stats, though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Going from 0 minutes a day to an average of over an hour a day is pretty freaking awesome.

Wins and Things I Learned from the Read Every Day Challenge

My goal for this challenge was to read something every day, even if it was just a page or two. Before this challenge, I would read (at the most) one day a week; I never read on the weekdays, and honestly, in the months immediately prior to the challenge, I was reading absolutely nothing at all. I didn’t really read outside of the book clubs, either. All of that changed during this challenge :blush: Even if it wasn’t a lot, I did read some every day, and I’m really happy about that. I have never been that consistent with reading in Japanese, like, ever. It’s also proven to me that reading on weekday nights does not need to be “off limits.” I usually have the energy to do something, and even if it’s not much, it can clearly add up. Hopefully that remains the case now that commuting has become something of a factor :sweat_smile:

I think this challenge has also given me more confidence about reading outside of book clubs. Nothing wrong with the book clubs, of course, but I think I’ve been leaning on them or using them as a safety net a little bit too much. With the book clubs, you know that what you’re reading is likely going to be appropriate to your level, and you have those other people reading along with you to ask for help if you need to. With other stuff, it’s pretty much unknown, and there’s nothing more demotivating to me than starting a book and not being able to finish it because it’s too difficult. That’s a big reason why some things have sat on my shelf for as long as they have – I glanced at them when I first got them, went “someday,” and never really reassessed. I’ve had some of these books sitting on my shelf for years, and I think there was a big part of me that felt like I still wasn’t good enough to read them because I hadn’t really advanced my formal grammar studies much at all. But surprise, I was good enough to read them, and I did. (I mean, was I able to read them without looking stuff up, no, but the burden of looking things up never became so great that I felt like giving up, which was how it felt with a lot of them when I first looked at them). I tackled some manga without furigana during the challenge as well, which is something I have been generally hesitant to do because it makes things sooo much more onerous to look up sometimes. But for the most part, it really wasn’t as big of a deal as I made it out to be in my mind.

I’ve also discovered a little bit more about how I prefer to read, or the conditions that make me feel more motivated to read. I think sticking to a book club pace is actually doing me more harm than good at times :sweat_smile: For one thing, I think reading once a week isn’t really the most effective way to make reading a habit, for me. You’d think that a book club schedule would help me stay on track, but it doesn’t really seem to work that way. I just keep getting caught in this cycle where I get behind a week, then binge a couple chapters in one day, then get behind again, binge again, repeat. And that’s not really what I want. I also seem to read way more/way faster when I can go at my own pace, because I don’t put the brakes on myself to keep to a slower schedule. I’m finding it more enjoyable to read at a quicker pace, because I’m more immersed in the story when I consume it over a shorter period of time.

Stuff I Want to Do in the Next Challenge!

One thing I did not really tackle this time around is a book. Like, a book book. I know that I am a lot slower at reading books, but it would be nice to finish one book during a future challenge. I know just the one I want to read, too :eyes: My biggest “someday” book of them all…

I’d also like to increase my confidence/ability to read without double-checking myself so much. I think I rely too much on looking stuff up in Jisho and “double-checking” my interpretation of events with an English translation (whether that’s the English edition of the book or a DeepL translation of a particular sentence). Honestly, a lot of times I didn’t really need to check that translation. Sometimes I got it wrong, but most of the time I was at least close enough to get the gist, even if I wasn’t exactly on the mark.

Thank you @Redglare for having this genius idea and inviting us all to participate in this challenge with you! ^^ It was really fun, and it actually worked for me, which is a freaking miracle :raised_hands: :sparkles: Thank you also to everyone who read along with the challenge and liked my rambling posts, because, not gonna lie, I’m very motivated by likes :heart: :rofl: Seriously though, knowing that other people are “watching” and following along really helps me keep on track, so you guys were a big part of my success :hugs: I look forward to doing another challenge with you guys in the future!

Summary Post


Indeed we need a new thread.

I stopped reading manga for now I want to focus more on videogames and visual novels. Why? Because there is audio, playing them will not only improve my reading but also my listening skills at the same time. I am reading the visual novel まいてつ right now. That one is rather long, it may take me months to finish it.


Should we start one for September - November Fall everyday reading challenge? Is everyone rested enough for a September start?? Hehehe


Still summer in September for the most part, but if people want a new thread then that’s fine as well.


Definitely! There is still more than a week for September to come so there’s still plenty of time to rest. I’m fine with starting the next challenge on September 1.

I’ve been wondering however, since we would be starting early (meaning still not being Autumn), do you still want to go with the seasonal titles? I’m thinking that perhaps if this is going to be a recurrent thread (personally I think that would be awesome), we could use some kind of ordering similar to the POLLs, i.e. 39th thread, 40th thread, and so on. Perhaps we could call it 2nd Edition, and so on? But on the other hand, this ordering might be less memorable than Autumn/Fall 2021, I’m not sure.

And on the other hand, we have the tiny issue of having New Years in the middle of the challenge, which personally is no issue for me, and it’s even better to be started earlier because we all know most new year resolutions are never accomplished :smile: . Having already started a month before would give people a very good boost to start the year strong. But then, on the other hand, starting on New Years would be perfect ordering for the rest of the year. If we divide it by two months of work and one of rest, we would be done by the beginning of December and then start over again in January.

Perhaps we could also have a “repository” thread with all the previous challenges and for general discussion, maybe even a bigger challenge log for our summary posts, but I don’t know what purpose that could serve ultimately, the discussion will happen in the challenge threads anyway. It could also track when future challenges start, etc.

Just random thoughts, what do you all peeps think? :relaxed:

Sneaky edit: all of this, of course, supposing we have enough people interested to keep the whole thing going for a long time. It can also be halted and resumed anytime.


Main Post

Should also make a post about what I read. Finished reading through Yotsuba volume 13. It was really good. As Yotsuba’s granny stayed a few days and most of the stories revolved around her this volume. You can tell how important she is to Yotsuba. I liked how she has a Kansai accent and I noticed that pretty fast (before Ena mentions it at least). Yotsuba’s dad also acts very differently, it’s quite interesting to see.

Nearing the end of what I have left to read of Yotsuba. I know the next two volumes are very good as well.


we could do a poll? See if people prefer a September or October start/how much interest there is?

I’m up for either, though probs will be sticking to fairly small reading goals as also trying to be more consistent with textbook study (which I’m very bad at haha)