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しろくまカフェか? If so, my copy is waiting on my bookshelf for my Japanese to be good enough, in the meantime I’m slowly making my way through the less scary parts of the vocab sheets.


:scream: Hope you’re okay?

In case you’re looking for something to distract you while you’re waiting for the group to catch up: the Advanced Book Club is starting their new pick on Saturday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This invitation of course extends to everybody who is looking for a new book to read:


Thanks for the invitation but I’m nowhere near good enough to try anything from the advanced club, at a stretch maybe I could try something from the beginner club =p


Just wanted to tease you a little :wink:
but in a friendly way - please don’t be mad!

That would have been my second suggestion! We’re currently reading a collection of (very) short children’s stories, so you can hop in and out to your heart’s content. The club has also been very active discussion-wise, with lots of grammar questions to be asked and answered, so maybe give it a shot? The stories are freely available on the web, so you can start straight away.


Hahahah not at all, I loved it :smiley:
and to be fair, if I’d tried something from the advanced club it would have certainly distracted me for a while

This was what I was expecting you to comment about, as I’d thought I’d seen you mention it.

Previously I’d been keeping an eye on the club as I was considering maybe joining for that book, but I’d decided against it thinking that I should focus on one book, but that was before I read ahead - so maybe I’ll have another peak and see how difficult I find it (my expectations: very).


See? :sunglasses:

Just take it slowly and see how far you can get. The first two stories are only about 5 pages each. If you still find it too hard but want to read a book (as opposed to a manga) you could check out the Absolute Beginners club’s reading list - they read a collection of short biographies last year, and people would usually do full translations so you can have a look and compare it with your understanding. And the Cat and Dog Detective books are pretty cute as well.


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Day XIII: 神戸市立丸山ひばり小学校 :school_satchel:

Not had a lot of time today, so I just picked the shortest random wiki page that came up.

New place: 兵庫県. Surprised I’ve not heard of this prefecture before, looks like a real nice place! (though really, every place in Japan looks amazingly picturesque).



What did I read:

  • 大海原と大海原, Pages 6-10

Aaaand here goes the prologue. It was easier to read today than it was yesterday. Which is likely due to the fact that the phrases they used weren’t hard, and also because I knew most words. No complaints on my side for that tho, it makes a fairly pleasant self-esteem boost (which I’m sure will be crushed without mercy a lot of times in next chapters).

Words I didn’t know: 着く, 戻る, 帝国. Also, in a couple of cases, particularly with 護る, I didn’t know the kanji, but I knew the word by itself, and because this manga has full furigana - I was able to understand what the sentence says even without knowing the kanji.


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Day 12:

日本語: I read some of パノラマ島綺譚, 小川未明童話集, 鋼の錬金術師, and からかい上手の高木さん (finished v16), and then a bit of 魔王城でおやすみ.


中国語: I read 你好,2018.


Summary post

September 13
・Started Honzuki 6. (2% → 3%)

Truly, a tiny read


Forty more pages of マ月期 manga, it is a little bit silly but it was still fun reading it. There was lots of hugging and kissing in the manga. In my next post I will summarize the story.

Then I read some more まいてつ visual novel.


Reading Update: 9月9日〜13日


:red_square: 月刊少女野崎くん3
:red_square: ふらいんぐうぃっち1
:red_square: 授乳

I didn’t have a ton of time over the weekend, but read a little from 野崎くん and ふらいんぐうぃっち. I also started to read 授乳, but I got a call just as I began reading, so I really only started it today. Also, no, ふらいんぐうぃっち was not on my initial reading list. I saw that it’s free to read on Bookwalker until the 16th, and, well…I couldn’t resist. :sweat_smile:

Not much to say about 野崎くん just yet, but I have some thoughts on the other two.


I remember watching a few episodes of the show and thinking it was cute, and the manga so far doesn’t disappoint! Right off the bat I was (re?) introduced to a very useful word for me: 方向音痴 (person with bad sense of direction). Without fail, I will look at a map and go in the wrong direction before realizing and turning myself around. :upside_down_face: Her cousin, 圭, already seems like a trouble maker, but her other cousin, 千夏, is pretty cute. She makes some great expressions.

The bonus cherry on top is, of course, 真琴’s (MC’s) cat. I’m very much a cat person, and I can’t help but automatically gravitate toward cat characters.


It took me over an hour to read three pages… :sob: Granted, with books where I look vocab up, I try and read straight through a couple of pages first and then reread them while checking the meanings of words I didn’t understand. But STILL. I think I got a little spoiled because toward the end of the last book I read, there weren’t too many words I needed to check. This one, though…let’s just say I stared at some sentences for a while. I think I understand the gist of what I read, though.

New Words I Enjoyed Learning

方向音痴 ほうこうおんち:person with bad sense of direction
出不精 でぶしょう:homebody
居候 いそうろう:freeloader
奇々怪々 ききかいかい:very strange, bizarre
愛想笑い あいそわらい:insincere smile

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Thank you all for the warm welcome! :slight_smile:


Summary Post

Day 13: September 13th
Satori Reader: Secret, episode 39.

Random words
  • ガヤガヤ = noisily, clamorously (from people talking).
  • 裏腹 = うらはら opposite, contrary.
  • 時差ぼけ = じさぼけ jet lag.
  • 横になる = よこになる to lie down.


Summary post

Day 13: September 13
What did I read?: ハイ☆スピード!
How much did I read?: 4 pages
How long did it take me?: 1 hour 24 min

Man, lots of explaining on these pages :sweat_smile: First about the relay practice, and why Rin’s fast in the short lanes, then about the class project. Reading non-dialogue portions is definitely not my strongest suit. Something is up with Makoto (but lord knows Haru isn’t going to ask what it is xP at least, he hasn’t yet.). This class project is pretty cute though, they’re like, actually making the bricks for the flower bed? Like from clay, from scratch? I didn’t realize that for some reason lol, I assumed they’d be premade. I don’t think “making bricks” has ever even occurred to me as a thing you could just…do. But it sounds cute :grin:

This part talks about the events that each of them have competed in in the past, and I find it interesting that there’s literally no mention of backstroke for Makoto at all at this point (his specialty in the anime). Just breaststroke and freestyle. I remember there being A Reason why he gets into backstroke, but I guess I sort of thought he’d have some background competing in it before it becomes His Thing. :thinking: It’s just weirding me out, thinking about Makoto not swimming backstroke lol

Good words from today:

  • 重点 (じゅうてん) - important point; emphasis; stress; importance; priority
  • 過言 (かごん) - exaggeration; overstatement; saying too much (such lovely, literal words)
  • 感じ取る (かんじとる) - to perceive; to sense; to take in; to grasp; to feel
  • 思い思い (おもいおもい) - just as (each) one likes; as (each) one pleases; as (each) one prefers; (each) in one’s own way (I think this word is really cute for some reason)
  • 拘る (こだわる) - to be obsessive about; to be fixated on​ (as in, Haruka Nanase is fixated on freestyle :rofl:)
  • メド継 (めどけい) - medley relay (thank you Google)

So I played around with it on Google a little bit more and I think the grammar point is actually んばかりに! Here’s a video in Japanese that I think I actually understood, wao, learning Japanese grammar in Japanese

Welcome welcome! :wave: :wave: I love Yotsuba, that was the first thing I ever read ^^

Yes it does! I like that :o


Summary post

Day 13: Today I read two more pages of よつば&!and read aloud one chapter of ハイキュー!!


Slow and steady wins the race, they say :sweat_smile:

Sept 12: Read about two pages of 糞尿譚 (until 53/158)
Sept 13: Read about a page of 糞尿譚 (until 55/158)

Also I forgot to mention, last week I had a chat with my Japanese tandem partner about the book (I gave him the link to the Aozora text, and he read the whole thing in an evening :rage:) and it turns out that on my second read through of the passage that made me give up last time, my understanding was much better. Also, I’ve started to learn the readings for the character’s names, and you won’t believe it but knowing who is who suddenly adds so much more depth to the story :grin: :woman_facepalming:


Welcome! :blush:

It didn’t occur to me either, and now I started googling how to make bricks :grin: