📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

Ok, I can no longer cope with this level of Tanuki cuteness at a distance, I have to own this book.


Congratulations, great to have you on board! Sounds like a very sensible and achievable goal and I’m sure by the end of the challenge you’ll really notice the difference.


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Been a few days since I posted an update. Yesterday was the first day that I haven’t managed a chapter of それいけズッコケ三人組 because life got in the way a bit. However I did manage a dozen pages of こぐまのケーキ屋さん in bed before going to sleep, which was exactly what I needed at the end of a slightly stressful weekend. No new words, but I mean, that’s pretty exciting in itself, right? To be able to read something and just understand it! Especially as the furigana were too tiny for my tired eyes so I had to read the kanji. Back to my regular routine of reading in the garden, under a blanket, before work this morning though.


ooh hello! Welcome to you both!! :raccoon:
I also joined late, but better late than never, right?? :relaxed:
Flicki, wishing you the best of luck for jltp, i’m also in the same boat… let’s do out best!


I’m currently in the lookout for tanuki-related material, look at what this entire convo has done to me… :raccoon:
so keep the tanuki recommendations coming y’all!


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TL;DR I accidentally read 7 pages.

September 13th reading 大海原と大海原, I tried to stop after 2 pages, I really really did. But it was so gripping and I wanted to just see a teeny tiny bit more. I keep making more ground on the book club, I tried really hard to slow down, but the book got me.

After 2 pages I tried to stop, but it got me, so I decided 4 was the number. But then there wasn’t much left in the chapter, I’d written out all the panels earlier so I knew there wasn’t a lot of text, and the story was getting really interesting.


I read 7 pages today, finishing chapter 3 (the 4th chapter)… this means I’m now ~ 25 days ahead of the club (4 weeks - 3 days, ish).

I have a manga called 王様ランキング on my shelf that I’ve been wanting to read since I picked it up in Japan late 2019, I spent some time yesterday and today typing up the lines from the first few pages and making a vocab sheet of the unfamiliar words to add to Anki in preparation for trying to tackle it, maybe to give the 大海原と大海原 book club time to catch up, but not confident I can pry myself away from this plot >.>

I’ve also spent a bunch of time looking up grammar in a dictionary of basic Japanese grammar, reading is helping me piece things together so very much.


I like this word actually, the kanji are recognizable and I feel like the word appears quite often.

If you remove the う at the end the vocab has the reading ちゅうちょ and you get the noun form “hesitation, indecision” :3 Idk how to explain but these kind of “word pairs” kinda tickle me in a good way if that makes sense xD


Big endings just lead to tiny beginnings.

I should get to reading myself. Rooting for my boy :sloth: to show up again.


:sloth: ? Is that like an upside down :raccoon: ?



しろくまカフェか? If so, my copy is waiting on my bookshelf for my Japanese to be good enough, in the meantime I’m slowly making my way through the less scary parts of the vocab sheets.


:scream: Hope you’re okay?

In case you’re looking for something to distract you while you’re waiting for the group to catch up: the Advanced Book Club is starting their new pick on Saturday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This invitation of course extends to everybody who is looking for a new book to read:


Thanks for the invitation but I’m nowhere near good enough to try anything from the advanced club, at a stretch maybe I could try something from the beginner club =p


Just wanted to tease you a little :wink:
but in a friendly way - please don’t be mad!

That would have been my second suggestion! We’re currently reading a collection of (very) short children’s stories, so you can hop in and out to your heart’s content. The club has also been very active discussion-wise, with lots of grammar questions to be asked and answered, so maybe give it a shot? The stories are freely available on the web, so you can start straight away.


Hahahah not at all, I loved it :smiley:
and to be fair, if I’d tried something from the advanced club it would have certainly distracted me for a while

This was what I was expecting you to comment about, as I’d thought I’d seen you mention it.

Previously I’d been keeping an eye on the club as I was considering maybe joining for that book, but I’d decided against it thinking that I should focus on one book, but that was before I read ahead - so maybe I’ll have another peak and see how difficult I find it (my expectations: very).


See? :sunglasses:

Just take it slowly and see how far you can get. The first two stories are only about 5 pages each. If you still find it too hard but want to read a book (as opposed to a manga) you could check out the Absolute Beginners club’s reading list - they read a collection of short biographies last year, and people would usually do full translations so you can have a look and compare it with your understanding. And the Cat and Dog Detective books are pretty cute as well.


:raccoon: .☆:TANUKIDATE: 20210913:☆. :raccoon:

Day XIII: 神戸市立丸山ひばり小学校 :school_satchel:

Not had a lot of time today, so I just picked the shortest random wiki page that came up.

New place: 兵庫県. Surprised I’ve not heard of this prefecture before, looks like a real nice place! (though really, every place in Japan looks amazingly picturesque).



What did I read:

  • 大海原と大海原, Pages 6-10

Aaaand here goes the prologue. It was easier to read today than it was yesterday. Which is likely due to the fact that the phrases they used weren’t hard, and also because I knew most words. No complaints on my side for that tho, it makes a fairly pleasant self-esteem boost (which I’m sure will be crushed without mercy a lot of times in next chapters).

Words I didn’t know: 着く, 戻る, 帝国. Also, in a couple of cases, particularly with 護る, I didn’t know the kanji, but I knew the word by itself, and because this manga has full furigana - I was able to understand what the sentence says even without knowing the kanji.


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Day 12:

日本語: I read some of パノラマ島綺譚, 小川未明童話集, 鋼の錬金術師, and からかい上手の高木さん (finished v16), and then a bit of 魔王城でおやすみ.


中国語: I read 你好,2018.


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September 13
・Started Honzuki 6. (2% → 3%)

Truly, a tiny read