📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

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TL;DR I accidentally read 7 pages.

September 13th reading 大海原と大海原, I tried to stop after 2 pages, I really really did. But it was so gripping and I wanted to just see a teeny tiny bit more. I keep making more ground on the book club, I tried really hard to slow down, but the book got me.

After 2 pages I tried to stop, but it got me, so I decided 4 was the number. But then there wasn’t much left in the chapter, I’d written out all the panels earlier so I knew there wasn’t a lot of text, and the story was getting really interesting.


I read 7 pages today, finishing chapter 3 (the 4th chapter)… this means I’m now ~ 25 days ahead of the club (4 weeks - 3 days, ish).

I have a manga called 王様ランキング on my shelf that I’ve been wanting to read since I picked it up in Japan late 2019, I spent some time yesterday and today typing up the lines from the first few pages and making a vocab sheet of the unfamiliar words to add to Anki in preparation for trying to tackle it, maybe to give the 大海原と大海原 book club time to catch up, but not confident I can pry myself away from this plot >.>

I’ve also spent a bunch of time looking up grammar in a dictionary of basic Japanese grammar, reading is helping me piece things together so very much.