📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2023 🧣🍂🍁

The app is pretty good - you can choose which books to download to your shelf, and then read them offline. I find it occasionally throws a hissy fit and wants me to log in again, which obviously doesn’t work on a plane, but mostly it’s fine.

23/10 7 pages コンビニ人間 (finished week 18), aDoBJG うちに

Only one week of コンビニ人間 to go - I’m going to try to prioritise this to reduce my number of active books.


:nail_care: October 23 :cat:

Seasons :fallen_leaf: was about pressed flowers.

Colors :rainbow: was also about how it’s 霜始降, which means it’s 柿 season. I’m not sure how official that is, but maybe @RoseWagsBlue would enjoy this tidbit of info?

Right before my nightly shower, I found a bug that most definitely shouldn’t be in my apartment, so time I would have normally spent reading was spent cleaning and looking for more. I didn’t find any, so hopefully it’s just a one off.


October 24

コンビニ人間 79% - 90%

Hopefully I can finish the rest tonight!


Summary post

Day 23: Oct 23rd
What did I read?: マグメル深海水族館 Vol 3
How much did I read?: 31 pages

This chapter was cute, tiny Shinya is adorable and the origin story of him and Oki-san is super sweet :3

Mostly talking about animals lmao whoops

Oh yes, he flew away shortly after I took these (I tried to move closer because my camera wasn’t focusing very well but apparently that was too close :joy:)

Omg, to live in a place where whales just…are :weary: I live in the Midwest right now so…the whales are not here :upside_down_face:
I’m sorry, my current status is “I want to run away to live with the whales” so
is it possible? no. does that stop me from abstractly wanting it? also no. the status of my life right now is bringing out the impractical dreaming child in me. :fairy:

KIROOOOOO :sob: So soft and fluffy :sob: The pic of him in the sink is so cute :joy: All of them are so cute
You and Kiro are always welcome :heart:

Omg no I’m so happy you know what he is!! I was actually going to try and google it later but now I don’t have to :smile: I’d never seen that type of bird around here before (usually all we get are pigeons lol) so I was excited! (I didn’t get to see the mohawk though :joy: That’s so cute)


Week 3 Recap(16日〜22日)

(home post)

I did some reading six out of seven days last week, mostly NHK Easy News and the graded reader Michiko’s Starry Sky. Honestly, the graded reader isn’t that exciting, but it’s satisfying to read without having to stop every 30 seconds to look something up. I also did some googling in Japanese and scanned some websites to look up grammar points.

This week, I’m going to try to read more without using furigana, rikaikun, and other kanji tools. They’re super helpful, of course, but can be a crutch. Sometimes I might be able to remember a kanji if I’d just give myself a minute to think through the radicals, sentence context, etc.


It has been 10 days since I started with this challenge, since then I got rid of my fear to read mangas, that makes me happy.

I’ve finished 小さな森のオオカミちゃん 1, I will read second part this week and want to continue reading more and more.

Thank you everyone for this great community, I started this journey of learning alone and find the book club here in WaniKani it’s one of the greates thing that happened to me since I started studying.


:book: main post :books:

October 23:
:broom: ふらいんぐういっち2 - Chapter 9

Had a busy day at work so only really got around to this! Also read a couple pages of some yuri manga previews on bookwalker but nothing long enough to note. Probably going to try to do some longer reading sessions later this week if work allows.


Congratulations! Is it your first manga in Japanese?

Also, I noticed your profile pic is Okuyasu. Great taste :ok_hand: I’m planning on starting a JoJo book club around New Years. The idea is to read a chapter of JoJo a week and I’ll do my best to provide comprehension questions too. It’ll take a while to reach Part 4, but you’re welcome to join if interested!

That's funky



:house_with_garden: :potted_plant: (home) :potted_plant: :house_with_garden:

Mon Oct 23: :closed_book: Horimiya - pgs 22-23
(gotta order the book before I run out of free pages)

:fallen_leaf: :leaves: :leaves: :fallen_leaf:

I’m badly failing at this “read every day” thing but if I admit that then I might as well give up the challenge completely so … everything is :fire: fine :fire:!


I would say yes, official. :grinning:


:jack_o_lantern: :fallen_leaf: :mountain: 10月23日 :mountain: :fallen_leaf: :jack_o_lantern: (Home Post Link)


  • とらドラ! pg 76 → 83 (7 pages) - I backtracked a little bit and reread some of yesterday’s because I was exhausted reading last night. Trying to finish ch2 before I have to go visit my parents for a few days and wont have access to yomichan or any of my “make life easier” tools :sweat_smile:

:jack_o_lantern: 24.10.2023 :jack_o_lantern: (Home Post)
Here is an update on my curretly reading situation:

  1. Finished 3 Volumes in the からかい上手の高木さん series and curretly reading volume 17
  2. Still reading 向日葵の咲かない夏 this one is taking me way too much time to finish, the book is huge and my ADHD kicked in and prevented me to go further at a pace I wanted. The story is interesting but progresses at a slow pace which now let me thinking if I should finish it or jump into something else.

You got this!! Do you want any tips or are you good?


Yes it is my first manga in Japanese, and I can see you have great taste as well.

I’d like to participate even if I feel it’s out of my current level haha, but one just can improve by doing!

Jojo is awesome, after finishing the anime I started reading the manga in english a while ago, I’m in part 6 right now.

Anyway, It will be a pleasure to be part of that club, let me know once you have more details.
Thank you!


Hell yeah! To be honest, JoJo is probably my number 1 influence in getting better at Japanese, even if I’m learning stuff I can’t use at work lol.

Nice! I’m almost to Part 6 in Japanese now. I’m finishing up Part 4, but I read Part 5 last year.

Of course! I’ll set a bookmark to remind me. I should probably make a home thread in November or December too.


:open_book: :computer: :fallen_leaf: :cupcake: October 20 - 22

Small readings of コップクラフト (82% ->86%). I missed Saturday since I was really sick after being poisoned eating something bad at a birthday party (this didn’t bring me back to a certain bookclub pick or anything).

:open_book: :computer: :fallen_leaf: :cupcake: October 23

A little bit of コップクラフト (86% → 87%), then started はなものがたり for the bookclub but I was tired and I was soon defeated by the kansaiben so ended up reading on that instead (in English though).


October 15-23
Been reading all kinds of free short stories on a site called tadoku very cute and very helpful in increasing my vocabulary and understandings of words!


24th october

home post

managed vol 19 of jjk which was a bit easier than yesterday? it was easier to follow and more interesting i think. difficult bits were a fair amount of legalese and some untranslated chinese in the middle which is just there for no apparent reason and is never mentioned again. thanks gege :+1: hopefully higuruma comes back at some point, he’s interesting and i like him

today’s nhk article was this one (:pensive:) and did watched another half an hour or so of kurohyou 2 (might watch more later we’ll see). read the entries on どんなに~(こと)か and どうせ which finally takes me out of the Ds!

words that stood out:
呪術廻戦:口先(くちさき)(lip service), 古物商(こぶつしょう)(antiques business, second-hand goods shop), 風営法(ふうえいほう)(Act on Control and Improvement of Amusement Business, etc. a law regulating adult entertainment businesses)


Nice, you started it! :grinning: