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28th november

home post

going around the endgame of prof layton is so weird, i’ve used the fast travel system more today than i have in the entire rest of the game. all puzzles done (i was only short ten), plus most of the ‘episodes’ (little side story type content that are purely dialogue). in the main game that just leaves three(?) episodes, the last couple train puzzles, the collection (stuff hidden around the map), and those damn fish puzzles.

today’s nhk article was this one, did half a granblue chapter, and read the entries on まさか and ましだ in aDoIJG.

words that stood out:
ひし形(がた)(rhombus, diamond shape) just when i thought i had all the shapes
くべる (to add (coal, paper, wood, etc.) to the fire)
もろ (both, together, many, all)
ぞい (don’t you think? archaic sentence ending particle, mild emphasis)