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15th november

home post

finished chapter 5 of professor layton and well into chapter 6 now, trying to catch all the collectibles and stuff cos i can’t remember if you can come back to london or not later in the game. ah yes, a whole town’s worth of new characters, thanks game. had another one of the ‘write the answer’ puzzles and i was like oh, it’s meteorite what’s that again uh, 落石! yeah! …oops. sorry 隕石 for forgetting you

today’s nhk article was this one, finished the granblue chapter from yesterday (finding a girl in an old rundown mansion at the top of a mist-filled town hmmm where have i heard that before), and read the entries on かと言うと and (の)代わりに in aDoIJG.

words that stood out:
レイトン教授:あみだくじ (ghost leg lottery, ladder lottery), ムキムキ (muscular, brawny), 花占い (fortune-telling based on plucking petals from a flower), 栗毛 (chestnut (horse coat colour, tho this time it was just hair colour))