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Oooooh I hadn’t heard of that side manga and LN! So exciting! It’s been so long since I’ve been able to read any new ブルーロックcontent (well I mean it’s probably not been that long since I caught up with where the manga is but it certainly feels like it cos I’m impatient :laughing:)


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Autumn Onsen :hotsprings: :raccoon:

20221110 - 吾輩は狸である progress: 71.95% :crystal_ball:

The conversation is going along at full pace.

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形而下「けいじか」ー Physical; material


Thanks! I usually note down a new word as soon as I see it so I can figure out the sentence better, but I eventually figured it out it wasn’t the literal meaning, thanks for the clarification!


Nov 10, Thu of Week 7 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

  • yurucamp Vol.14 Ch.76 (first chapter of the volume)

I think the pre-order latest volume arrived at exactly today, but at midnight of JST timezone; and paid about 1 hour before the arrival time. Not that troubled, other than a little long chapter (for me). The real little trouble, though, is place names. Perhaps I should consider reading previous volumes (2-12). (Well, maybe later…)

  • かがみの孤城 (上) 51% => 54% (Ch.4 August)

Read 1 section. As slow as ever, even if not that difficult – to my natural speed.

  • はたらく細胞 Vol.1 Ch.2 first half

Will continue the rest soon. As interesting and funny as ever.

Due to a scary Bookwalker notification, I took a look at Booklive and Honto from Tofugu’s review. Both have an Android app, but both aren’t in Google’s Play Store in my region. Nonetheless, both are able to download APK from their own websites (that is, bypassing Play Store).

I have some remaining coins in my Bookwalker; but I might consider using a different app for better dictionary and novel reading experience (so, probably Honto). Amazon.co.jp might be another option, but I can’t have my smartphone on VPN for much of the time…


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神さまがまちガえる :shinto_shrine:

Read this week’s pages. Felt pretty easy for me so far. It helps that most of the lookups I needed was already in the club’s vocabulary sheet. Certainly makes reading quicker.

Also, skipped reading the past couple of days. I find myself a little hard pressed to find a good time to read, and since I couldn’t seem to decide between reading Loopers first or kamisama, I ended up reading neither. And now the new club week start in two days, so feels silly to get one day of Loopers reading before doing clubs again.

Why do I keep doing this to Loopers? I’m so sorry, Hilda. (My fav character)


:fallen_leaf: Day 41, 10th of November :maple_leaf:

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In today’s DrDru story I kind of lost the plot. An elf was playing music in he woods, and then the listener noticed an animal next to them. Oh no, it’s a bear, a wold, and a tiger. Someone says, “don’t worry, they’re not dangerous”. And then a frog says that he doesn’t eat frogs??? How does that relate to the listener?

Very strange, but at least I manged to read most of it myself.


The listener (蓮) is a frog, and they’re saying that the reason they’re not afraid of the bear, wolf, and tiger is that those animals don’t eat frogs.


That was not obvious from context. I assumed the one who told the story was the one who listened to the music etc. and had therefore assumed that they were also the one expressing distress.


The one telling the story is 蓮: the first line is 「私は蓮。」 A few lines down they say that they can hear an elf playing music in the forest, so the storyteller is the listener, yes. Then Hasu notices the three animals on their left. I assume the “!!!” and scared emoji are supposed to be what the reader is supposed to feel or something, because the next lines are 「走らない。怖くないし危なくない。」 (“I won’t/don’t run. I’m not scared or in danger.”) Questioning emoji, again the reader. Then we get direct dialogue from Hasu, and we see that they’re a frog, and they explain that “(Bears, wolves, and tigers) don’t eat frogs.”

Edit: Also, @drdru, it should be 吹く, not 弾く. 弾く is for stringed instruments, like a harp or piano, whereas 吹く is for wind instruments like the flute.


That “カエルは食べない” line does seem kinda weird to express that, though – it feels very implausible to me to have the implicit subject of the verb be “those other animals” given the topic for the previous two sentences was “I” (the speaker, 蓮).


@enbyboiwonder : you’re right, I missed that. It’s fixed now. And you’re interpretation is indeed the correct one :slight_smile:

@Twelvewishes : I have to admit it’s could be clearer but the name of the narrator in below the frog emoji. Maybe I could use a name easier to remember, like, 田中.




November 10 :heavy_check_mark: :maple_leaf:

秋の牢獄, 18-34%

I finished the first story of the book, just in time to resume reading Eugenia tomorrow. I liked it a lot, although I’m full of unanswered questions. And once again, in case you’re wondering, horror it was not. :sweat_smile: It was quite thought-provoking actually, philosophical even, while all the while the language was straightforward and to the point.


Yeah, the fact that I couldn’t remember the Kanji prevented me from grasping some context here.


What about トード (Toad) or カーミット (Kermit) ? I think カーミット could work well. It’s obvious when you know it but not so much before you do.


It’s “I’m not afraid or in danger. Why? They don’t eat frogs,” that sort of meaning, so it’s not “very implausible.” It might take a sec (it took me a sec, too), but with the context of the previous couple lines, it is plausible. (Although I definitely can’t speak for how natural it is, but the rest of the story is very simple grammar too, and that’s probably the most simple way to express it.)

@drdru What if, keeping with the plant theme, you went with リリー? That way it would also still not be obvious from the outset that our narrator is a frog, so you still get that “Wait, why aren’t you afraid? Oh, you’re a frog!” bit at the end, but it still fits thematically with frogs. Kermit I feel like would be a bit too obvious, since the name’s so closely associated with Kermit the Frog.


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・本好きの下剋上 12 (70% → 71%)

Super busy, so just a smol read today :durtle:


What I mean is that to me, at least, it feels odd because to get the meaning the story clearly requires, you have to interpret the verb with an implied subject that’s not the current topic and not the speaker and not the listener, and where that implied subject was last mentioned several sentences back with all those intervening sentences having a different topic, and that just feels like it’s too much of a stretch. It’s the logically plausible interpretation but the grammatically implausible one. That’s why it takes a while to work out what the writer’s intention was.

I’m always a bit wary of making ‘naturalness’ judgements, but it definitely isn’t how I’d write it, even given sticking to simple structures. I would expect that at that point in the text you would more probably say その動物たちはかえる[を|は]食べない or something along those lines, to bring us back to it being the animals we’re talking about.

(Incidentally, if we’ve got to のだ then the sentence is crying out for one, but I assume we haven’t.)


Thought I’d finally join here. Been reading a bit more again lately and kinda wanted to ramp it up even more and do it more consistently.

Just loose goals for now: read a few manga chapters every day and finish the novel また、同じ夢を見ていた until the end of the month. It’s actually pretty easy except for the longer sentences. Started that one a couple months ago and then stopped for some reason but recently continued - currently at about 55%.


November 10th!

Today I read chapter 14 of Flying Witch. I only had to look up aa few bits of vocabulary today so that was nice :slight_smile:

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Let’s go for リリー then.


November 10th
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Still too tired to write more than the bare minimum – I need some sleep. :melting_face:
I managed to read pages 92 to 97 (chapters 34 and 35) in the Learn to Read in Japanese book today.