📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2022 🍁🍂

Main Post

Had posted the main post to keep track of everything yesterday. Also read some one piece chapters so I added those in immediately. Today I read some more, finishing volume 6 over the weekend, so an update post was in place I feel. Looking ahead that was a good place to stop as the second part of the Baratie arc is coming up.

My goal for next week is to see if I can get through this arc and for the challenge to go through East Blue. I’m not entirely sure when the free reading period ends, but at this pace I should be good to go. It is funny I was a bit worried about whether I would still make my year goal of reading 50 volumes worth of manga, but with one piece I’ll probably cap it soon. Of course I also have other reading material I wanna get through, notably The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Junji Ito’s Cat Diary. The former is already on my bedstand ready and all, the latter is still in seal waiting to be opened. I thought it might be nice for around halloween.

Once in a while I might also talk about the games I played. Haven’t played much of Dragon Quest X Offline lately, but I managed to play some today on my switch. I’m also still playing Dragon Quest IX on 3ds, although that’s in english. It definitely helps knowing some DQ, cause I already know the general combat system. I still read the system messages and tutorials, but not having to piece it all together by yourself means I can just mostly enjoy my time and focus on the story. There is an option to use furigana in dialogue. I found it too tiny and close to the upper end of the dialogue box that I just turned it off and haven’t looked back. Story dialogue is voiced and there is a message log of dialogue, system and battle I can rollback. As I hadn’t played in a while, the recap comes in handy as well. Still very early on as just finished my first errand after I picked a vocation and tribe. I like it even if it’s not great to look at here and there. If there’s anything I’m disliking it’s that every door needs to be opened with a button and there’s a small loading time (which isn’t in the online version).

As for Persona 4 Golden, I’ll still play it from time to time. Just a lower priority at the moment. I find that one to be at a good challenge level. Again it helps I’m familiar with the game and the series, filters out a lot of stuff I don’t need to worry about.

Anyway I’ll post some updates like this once in a while. I’ll see you there!