Re Zero Volume 8 Post reading discussion

Life reasons, I meant to write life reasons. :man_facepalming:


I just finished this volume yesterday! :tada: It took a while to finish this due to some life stuff, but my pace is slowly picking up :slight_smile: I’ll talk about what happened after they killed the whale, since that’s the most fresh in my mind and the most interesting part of this book.

I thought it was pretty cool how easily Subaru was able to get a group together to confront the witch cult, but it makes sense, since he did prove himself with the whale encounter. It’s from here that I started seeing more of how cool Julius really is, he had no grudge on what happened with Subaru and as time went on, he grew more attached to Subaru. At the end, he couldn’t kill Subaru.

I always suspected that 怠惰 was the same person, but when I saw how each different 指先 had a different skill level for the 見えざる手, I started doubting it. Once Subaru got taken over, it was interesting hearing Petelgeuse talking about affinity with Subaru and how it was decades since he had such a vessel/指先. (This suggests that Subaru has more potential than we thought :open_mouth: ) He then said that Feris couldn’t be a 指先 because of too much magic? in him, but Julius could also be a 指先 if he got rid of his 精霊. He also referred it to being worthy of 愛 in order to become a 指先. I’m very curious about exactly how the process happens with these bits of information. Obviously, this ‘affinity’ must have something to do with the 見えざる手 power level. Also, exactly how many decades (centuries?) Petelgeuse has survived.

Also, I almost forgot, Feris can self-resurrect?! That’s a very cool bit of information too.

I’m really disappointed that Subaru had to die, as things were going well right up to the end. As others were saying I’m hoping he gets revived at a sooner point than last time at least. I’ve already read a bit of the start of volume 9 and some questions are already being answered. I’m looking forward to reading more :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


He did thought. Felix stun Subaru but Julius gave the finishing blow.

I don’t remember the Felix could not be one though. And for Julius Petelgeuse seem to hate spirit user for some reason.

I never realized it but it could be true.

I don’t think it was specified but my guess is a lot

Don’t remember that one too.

An entire book as been cancelled because he died. Nothing in it is in the “good” timeline. I found that funny.

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