Re Zero Volume 3 week 6

Re Zero Volume 3 Week 6

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Start Date: December 16
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Week 6 Reading: Till end of 弾幕

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I didn’t notice this while splitting the parts, but just after chapter 4 there’s a small 幕間 chapter, this week we’re reading to the end of that. (It’s still the same count of pages, but I thought 259 was the end of chapter 4, but it’s the end of the 幕間)


I had a question for this week reading.

Chapter 4 part 5 in the beginning


subaru: Was that line only to be cool while crossing a dangerous bridge.
Ram : In my mind, I did not cross the dangerous bridge. Before I fell before crossing it.

Because Subaru thought that Ram overestimate her ability to fight and she just answer that she never thought she could do it or somehting right?


This goes to a a few pages back in the last week, when Subaru was saying something like “Be ready to cross a dangerous bridge”. Which is the metaphor he’s using to describe what’ll happen when he does what he had in mind. To which Ram replied jokingly, confidently.

So when things went bad:


Didn’t you say something that made it seem you’ll cross the dangerous bridge かっこよく?!
It was more dangerous than I thought. The bridge fell down before I could cross it.

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I didn’t remember that there were something before it ha ha. Thanks

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Notice the use of masu stem + かける. When used this way it means “just starting to…” or “just about to…”

So the bridge began to fall before crossing it.


Didn’t knew that one thanks. I’m blessed having such nice senpai :sob:


かける is one of those magic words that can mean a million things, unfortunately


If you’re looking in a dictionary you’ll have to scroll down to meaning 23 to get to this. :expressionless:


I feel like this infinite meaning for one word is a norm in Japanese. That an a meaning for a million words but with a slight nuance.


There’s probably an overarching concept that governs these types of words, but having to translate them in English kind of ruins it :rofl:


かける・かかる・つく・つける are the stuff from the nightmares


I’m halfway through 4.4, so it looks like I’ll at least get to this week’s part before next week starts. :slight_smile:

If there’s enough people for the reading tomorrow I’ll try to join at least for listening ~


I hope you had a nice Chrismas time cause here it is

For those who are still busy because of new year no need to worry. This week is shorter because next week is epilogue.