Re Zero Volume 10 week 1

Re Zero Volume 10 Week 1

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Start Date: November 16, 2020
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Week 1 Reading: End of chapter 1 part 5, page 64 (51 pages)

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That cover looks so nice :eyes:

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Yeah, the picture are getting better and better. They were already great to begin with though.

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Here’s a better res one for you to use in the posts:


oh thx you I’m gonna change it

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I remember thinking ‘oh who’s that now’. My best guess was 嫉妬の魔女. And then I started reading haha.


same. She is, for now, one of my favorite character. She does seem like a evil emilia though. Maybe they are related? nawwwww… or… :face_with_monocle:

This is not a spoiler btw this is just me rambling nonsense


I’m not sure mine counts as one either. But maybe since it implies something as to that thoughts correctness (or does it) I chose to mark it as such. ^^


This one content had a lot of interesting stuff

This week spoiler

I am intrigued by the wound of Wilhelm. So It basically means that Theresia was close by. In this timeline, Wilhelm was not close to the main fight so… Maybe Gluttony is the one that kills Theresia and stole her reaper skill? I say that because she was thought to be killed by the White Whal which seems close to gluttony to me. I doubt Theresia would just join the witch cult. The plot thickens.

The Beatrice part is even more ominous. I feel sad for Beatrice. Something definitely bothers her. She seemed to knew Betelgeuse. She also talks about the witch factor or something like that. Does that mean Subaru now possess unseen hand? That would make him pretty strong. I wonder if he will need to eat his finger for it or just need to find something lazy. Then you can say “Need a hand? I have 10 haha” I wonder to what extend these witch factors works. More power? More magic? affect the mental state? So many questions and NO ONE IS ANSWERING THEM !!! I need to find 長月先生 he will give me my answer. That or read the other book faster. Which one is easier. The feeling when you finish an ark and you have more question than answer. In a good way though. Not like the plot is not working more like the plot has too much good suspense.

Then we have a new member who is demi-human. Maybe wolf?

Then Otto gets bullied again. I feel bad for Otto. He just goes to the toilet and gets rammed into.


Hm but Wilhelm was nowhere near Gluttony. He was in the main fight. He was fighting the witch cult in many places with the main force. The force that was obliterated by Gluttony and Greed is the one that was going back to the 王都 (pretty much only Crusch/Rem/small Anastasia squad and wounded people). So indeed who knows what this is about, it’s super interesting thinking about possibilities.

Trivia about Frederica, she was shown in S1 episode 11 in one frame without context in a Rem flashback:



I’ve almost forgotten about Wilhelm’s wound, but you’re right it is very intriguing! I wonder how close he has to be for it to react to her closeness… If I remember correctly the explosion and subsequent fight with greed and gluttony wasn’t too far from where Subaru passed wilhelm and the troupe. It may yet be one of them indeed. Or not!


I had no idea about that. I don’t remember that but it’s good to know.

He was escorting Emilia so he did not fight against sloth’s main force but he may have passed closed to them. He was at one point between rem/crush and Subaru teams. Theresia,if alive, could have been anywhere in the area. I do believe he did not specify at which exact moment of the fight the wound reopened right? It’s pretty wide. I do believe it was not against the white whale since he said it was against the witch cult. Like Belerith says we don’t know how much close she must be for the curse to activate,


Slightly late but here it is


It’s explicitly stated at the end of volume 9 that the white whale belongs to the Gluttony category, yes. That argument is used to explain why people have forgotten about Rem, an effect similar to that of the whale.


Based on her illustration, she isn’t an half elf (she doesn’t have pointy ears like Emilia), so at least they aren’t siblings.


They might be… Half siblings through their non elf parent. :eyes: