Re Zero Volume 1 week 6

I haven’t reached that part but, (ps: also, sorry for FUBARing the spoiler tags, this is hard :cry:)

That sounds like Subaru indeed.
ありえない means impossible. ポカ is a mistake. やらかす means to make a mistake as well (especially in soccer and net用語 ref:やらかした) so it would mean something like “Damn, I have made a crazy error”

Don’t tell me I have to go look for her

ぶつぶつと(言う) means to mutter under one’s breath. Subaru was actually talking to himself.

" aa kun?" :joy: (Sorry to laugh).
I believe that’s a so ソ not an n ン :wink:

あのな is kinda meaningless, just something like “y’know”

珍しくもなんともねえよ is actually 珍しくない (not rare) with a も for emphasis and a なんとも for MORE EMPHASIS. Emphasis for days. -> absolutely not rare at all/ there’s really nothing special about it.

Total sentence: “What are you grumbling about? Ah, [expletive]. Y’know, that kind of commotion ain’t nothing special.”

“I’m glad you answered my question, but… Seriously!?”

I don’t know yet :joy:


For the second question, if I remember correctly the owner does say that he changed his mind from before because another broke person helped find his daughter(and Subaru then thinks some stuff about how it seems like the daughter still got help even if he wasn’t there)

And I think I’ll just wait until whenever we get there to see more about Reinhard and see for myself then :slightly_smiling_face:

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The owner tells him it was 白いローブに、銀髪. So it was actually Satella who saved her again. Subaru understands that even when he’s not with her she ends up saving the little girl.


yeah, I realised as much, but I didn’t remember how explicitly it was mentioned and didn’t want to say it if it wasn’t obvious, but I guess it was, so thanks for helping fill in that part :sweat_smile:

(That’s the downside of just answering questions from memory instead of actually opening the book)

Actually, I checked that part again, and unless I checked the wrong part, while I do think it’s her, that’s actually not explicitly mentioned, and Subaru really does just think that “someone” will help the daughter regardless of what happens, so I guess I did remember correctly :slightly_smiling_face: (or checked the wrong part, I’m not going to deny that possibility)


It does seem funny seen that way. I was thinking maybe there was someone named kun. so he was like “Aaa Kun?” Like remebering something. Since some people are named two letter word. chin,kan,pan something.

Thanks for the help. Makes much more sense.


Speaking of two-letter names, トン, チン, and カン are my favorites. Mostly because of how スバル acts when they show up :rofl:

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Also because トンチンカン means stupid.

They are basically called St, Up and Id.


Now I gotta go back and re-read their scenes with this newfound knowledge in my mind


Wait, when did he said that?
Except if I missed something, the owner just said it was another 無一文 who saved her. The description you gave was from the discussion with ラインハルト, I think.

Ps: time! I’m finally done with this week. Catching up took a while :tada: :sweat_smile:


That might be the case :thinking: Maybe I remembered this from the wrong conv. So sorry. Ugh I should just keep reading chronologically.


I had a small grammar(?) question. I’ve noticed there’s a lot of abbreviations and slurring of words in this book, and most of them I can understand how they come to be. But sometimes, Subaru starts his sentences with んにゃ、like in “「んにゃ、聞きたいことって…” and for the life of me I can’t figure out what words one would have to slur to get to んにゃ. Maybe something like いや when coming out of a “Hmmm”-like ん sound, but I’m stumped.

He’s just meowing :laughing:

But I don’t know, he’s a quirky guy so I don’t look too much into it.


That’s been my approach so far, but it was starting to nag at me :joy:


Next week is up