Re Zero Volume 1 Week 5

I’m using the latest Kindle paperwhite 4th generation.

You should contact Kindle support and see what they say about that. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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I was just looking up a few of the dictionaries on Amazon and they all are saying that these will not work on Kindle fire or android… “This due to a limitation Amazon has in the Kindle software for computers, android devices, Windows phones and Kindle Fire.” Apparently, they only work on Paperwhite, Oasis, Kindle touch, and Kindle for iOS. Amazon is working on the Kindle software to fix the problem, but no idea when it’ll be available.

Sorry :frowning:

That’s unfortunate. :sweat:
Thanks for letting me know though.

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Sorry for derailing the thread a bit. I’ll get us back on track :stuck_out_tongue:

I just finished this week’s reading:

I like this author’s way of writing. For example, during the fight scene, suddenly people are cut up and on the ground. Then backtracks to what exactly happened. It really adds emphasis to how fast and brutal エルザ’s attacks are.

I like in the last part, スバル gets rez’d a third time, and still manages to pull off his punchline with spirit. “悪いけど、天壌無窮の一文無し!” If I’m not mistaken, it looks like the modifier for 一文無し changes each time, but carries the same meaning.


I also enjoy all the 四字熟語 that Subaru uses before 一文無し :grin:


Finished reading for this week :slight_smile: (chapter 3 was unexpectedly short)

Nice to see that Subaru finally figured it out. Though, I’m guessing that wouldn’t exactly have been my first thought either in his situation, so it’s not that weird that it took a while.

I also find the idea of the three criminals being so stubborn that they’d go after the same guy who they already know doesn’t have anything worth stealing three times pretty amusing. I’m guessing that thought(aside from the more obvious chips) may have been part of what helped Subaru figure things out. And like others already have said, also cool that he changes things up each time he has to say he doesn’t have any money


Next week is up


This week’s thread includes part 6 of ch 2, right?

Just came to the part where Subaru’s speech gets messed up because of his injuries (p. 143). So far it seems to be mostly rendakus added so some syllables, but I might be missing something?

Sentence that’s messing with my head: 「うるぜえな…意地があんだよ…ごんだげ、やられっだらなあ」

For more context, since it’s been a while for most of you :sweat_smile:

Before Elza is dissing him, “you have neither the favor of the gods not any skills, so you’d think you could at least muster some wisdom, but not even that. I wonder why why you bothered to challenge me” (heavily paraphrased)

After there’s a line saying how he can’t even properly insult her because his nose got broken, so I know he’s insulting her somehow?

Is the 意地があんだよ = 意地があんたよ, and if so, what does it mean? You’re the stubborn one (to take it this far) or sth like that?

I have some problems with 意地 used like this… I’ve only ever seen it together with certain adjectives. Dictionary entries aren’t helping me figure this one out. :frowning:

… Do I still need to spoiler tag this?


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The way I parsed these out:

意地があんだよ = 意地があるんだよ
Basically saying that he’s stubborn, obstinate, etc

ごんだげ = (Ok his pronunciation is getting messy, but I think it’s ) こんだけ = これだけ

やられっだら = (Judging by how the ゛got added above, it’s probably) やられったら, which I guess it’s やられたら with the っ for emphasis.

Just an educated guess.

Edit: for やられる apparently it’s found in as “to suffer damage, to be deceived”


Wo what does that mean? Is it referring to his own obstinacy like @jneapan wrote, or hers?

I don’t get the meaning at all :sweat_smile:.

On the plus side, the rest of the chapter felt comparatively easier.

I think the overall meaning of that line is something like “I’m still a stubborn guy, despite suffering so much damage” (or something like “You really got me good, but I’m still hanging in there for fucks sake”)


I just checked the book and it’s あるんだよ as @jneapan said. I just remembered that she said he doesn’t even have something (turns out it 知恵) and thought that might be it (then he would be asking what the heck she means by that). But no, he is instead saying that he has willpower.


Thanks, you two! I had a nice head scratching moment over that line. After reading it a couple times while looking at the meanings of 意地, I figured asking could help. :heart:

Is it safe to assume that 意地 by itself will usually mean something like obstinacy /stubbornness?


Yeah I think it is

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Yeah, I was thinking outside of 意地悪, which is the only form I knew it in. :slight_smile:


@Belerith getting ahead of me when I’m not even reading anything yet for the past 2 weeks. Ugh

Keep on it, I’ll hate being left alone, then maybe I’ll sacrifice a bit of my soul to get time for this.


Yess, come on~ :smiley:

It doesn’t need to be your soul you sacrifice, even.

You don’t need sleep, do you?

You can always quit work, too.


Chapter 3 was really interesting. :smiley:

Somehow that last dead read much more painfully to me, maybe because it was so… Unnecessary that he be killed by those dudes, after having been killed by a strong opponent before.

I really liked how his last thoughts this time were portrayed, too.

And somehow I was expecting it to keep to the chapters per dead, but looking at how the next chapter starts, I can see why the author decided to keep those 2 pages with chapter 3 instead.

And maybe at some point Subaru will die less often anyway. :smiley:

Don’t tell me though. :upside_down_face:


Ok, I won’t :upside_down_face: