Re Zero Volume 1 Week 5

Re Zero Volume 1 Week 5

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Week 5 Reading: Until the end of chapter 3

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Rip I suck


I wanted to ask, how much effort do you guys put into your reading when you’re on a timed schedule like in a book club? For instance, do you look up things if you get the gist of a sentence but don’t understand every part? Or do you just move past it if you don’t know how it works, even though the meaning wasn’t lost on you? Etc. Just curious on how you guys handle it.

Also do you change up your behavior based on the book’s difficulty?


Usually if it’s a completely foreign word I’ll look it up immediately. Having an ebook means it’s easy to just push a button and search. But if I recognize the kanji, and the meaning I guessed makes sense in the context, I’ll usually move on and make a mental note of it, and if it’s a word that appears often I’ll look it up eventually.


I’ll usually mostly look up things if what’s happening isn’t making sense or if I see them a lot of times. If I can guess a word’s meaning decently enough from the Kanji in it or context I’ll usually just let it be. If neither of those applies , I’ll do what I feel like (which most of the time just is to keep reading, especially if it’s just a word and not, say, how a sentence works or something like that)

And yes, if it’s an easy book I’ll probably barely look up anything because I can understand anyway, but if it’s a harder one I make sure to learn at least a couple new words each week so it gradually gets a little bit easier


Since I have a kindle, I have a habit of looking up a fair number of words, both double checking somewhat known words and unknown words - since it’s so easy to do so. Sometimes I have to leave a sentence with only getting the gist. I try not to get caught up on understanding a sentence for too long, since it just increases my reading time. If I don’t understand it at all, I tend to ask someone else ie. my Japanese tutor.


When I’m not buried under 800 reviews on floflo, I use it as a quick look up for words I don’t know, and make sure to add them to my lessons. If that doesn’t allow me to keep up with the pace (because it gives too many lessons per week), I’d adjust the frequency. If the word doesn’t show up at the frequency I have, I’ll do as others have said: mostly ignore it, except if I really don’t understand the sentence.
Right now, I can’t find the strength to do my reviews… since basically last February, the last time I had 0 reviews I think? So it’s just basic ignore words or look up if they are bs like 齟齬 (from 新世界より)


It seems like a lot of people are using ebooks here which makes me happy. Physical tomes are cool but when it comes to foreign language study, you really lose out using them.

Personally I’m a bit of a perfectionist (ironic, because my Japanese is not even close to perfect) and at this point I get kind of upset if there’s multiple words in a sentence that I don’t know. It seems like I need to chill out a little and be fine with not understanding everything because it honestly makes my reading experience suck a little, especially when it comes to harder books. Plus it means that I don’t get enough reading practice in since I spend a lot of time researching/SRSing.

I’ll try chilling out a little and hopefully that’ll help me keep up with the book club. I’m already falling behind a little.

Have you tried the sudden death mode? Or whatever you want to call it.

I love SRS’s but I’m too far in for this crap. I just keep it on permanently so that I don’t have to do as many reviews.

Honest to God, that is an ugly ass set of kanji.


Oh, I haven’t yet. I meant to try though.
As soon as I get some actual Internet connection instead of having to use messenger birds to carry data packets back and forth to the nearest telegram relay.


I don’t really see what I’m missing out on by using a physical book. The ebook dictionaries can’t even handle conjugation, so they are basically useless for everything except nouns.

Honestly, in this day and age when you buy a physical book you should get a digital copy for free or heavily discounted. I’d love a digital copy for when I’m out, but I’m not paying (nearly) twice as much for two copies, and I like physical books too much to go all digital.

At least they both follow their phonetic components. :blush:


There’s a lot of nouns, man. Also the fact that instead of putting the book down and looking up something on a dictionary/google, you can just switch windows. Plus, if you’re new you can copy + paste kanji you don’t know instead of radical searching. My first two novels were physical and, personally, I would just never do it again.

Huehuehue that’s what you’d think. But instead publishers are realizing that they can just charge more and more for ebooks despite them having 0 production costs. Nishio Ishin’s newest book, for example.
To be honest if you live in Japan, physical copies can often be a better deal because they have such a strong used book market


+1 on the ebook thing. I really love my in-book jp to jp dictionary.

Also, as far as detail of reading, I go for comprehension. If grammar or words are preventing comprehension, I research, if not I just rely on context and mass exposure to eventually clear up the finer details that I am missing. Seems to be working pretty decently so far for my goals at least. :turtle::upside_down_face:

I need to get back to flofloing though since knowing a lot of vocab is key to this plan…:sweat_smile:


I don’t know about other ebook readers/apps, but with Kindle I can highlight a conjugation and 9/10 times it’ll recognise it and display the dictionary form and its meaning.


Maybe it depends on the dictionary, because I don’t recall that working for me.

You could be right. The base dictionary isn’t that extensive compared with other dictionaries out there. I purchased one that uses JMDICT, which jisho and rikaki-kun uses, for only a few dollars. Here’s the link, if you want to have a look:

Even though the link is on Australia Amazon, it should be available in the others too. Otherwise, there is a free version out there that you can download off-site. I can dig it up if needed.

Wouldn’t I have to buy it on Amazon Japan? My kindle has to be set to use my Amazon Japan account to read ebooks from there.

If this is legal feel free to share so I can try it out. If not I’ll just decide if it’s worth purchasing. (I assume not, but figured I’d double check.)


Sorry, here’s the link for the Japanese Amazon one:

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Still off topic about dictionaries

What kind of Kindle do you have? One of the reviews says it doesn’t let you pick this as a default dictionary on the Kindle Fire (which is what I have) but I don’t know if that matters (and the review is 3 years old).

I’m using the latest Kindle paperwhite 4th generation.

You should contact Kindle support and see what they say about that. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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I was just looking up a few of the dictionaries on Amazon and they all are saying that these will not work on Kindle fire or android… “This due to a limitation Amazon has in the Kindle software for computers, android devices, Windows phones and Kindle Fire.” Apparently, they only work on Paperwhite, Oasis, Kindle touch, and Kindle for iOS. Amazon is working on the Kindle software to fix the problem, but no idea when it’ll be available.

Sorry :frowning: