May be a bug when resetting to level 1


I started using Wanikani last year but for some reasons I reset it after the 19th level few month ago.

I then passed the first 6 levels in a couple of weeks each. Now I am stuck in the 7th level for more than 8 weeks for no apparent reasons.

I do all the reviews on time and early get less than 98%.

The reasons I think there is a bug related to resetting are the following:

  1. I passed that before and I am sure it did not take even a fraction of that time.
  2. Again I do the reviews in time and almost with no errors
  3. Wkstats website shows that I am in level 7 for 492 days which is almost surely counting from the first time I entered it last year. I am worried :worried: that this reflects some issue within the wanikani database itself that is affecting the scheduler.

Please help :slight_smile:

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Firstly, the wkstats site is a third party website that doesn’t handle displaying resets correctly (to my knowledge). I believe the creator is working on it, but I wouldn’t worry about it having any connection to WaniKani itself.

The only thing that will impact your leveling up is getting 90% of the level 7 kanji to guru status. Can you take a look at your level 7 kanji and see if there are any that still show as being in apprentice level? If they are all guru, somehow, then it would really be a bug, and emailing WaniKani directly would be the speediest way to get it resolved.


Thank you for the quick reply.

I expected that wkstats is third party. It was just a hint that something may be wrong.

Currently I have 21 guru and one apprentice of the kanjis that are unlocked. That is the case for over two weeks now if I remember correctly.

There are 33 kanji in level 7, so you’d need to get 30 of them to guru to level up.

The other kanji haven’t appeared in your lessons?

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This version of WK stats displays the correct duration for each level even after reseting (at least it does for me). Some other features or not finished though.

To level up you need to guru 90% of your current level’s kanji.
For most levels to unlock enough Kanji you need to guru your current level’s Radicals.
Check if you’ve done that.

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Thanks again Leebo. No they did not. The other kanji’s are still locked. That is the main problem. For some reason unlocking is uncharacteristicly slow this time over but only for this level.

So then that leads to the radicals for those kanji. Are the radicals all guru for the locked kanji?

(And just to be clear, you have 0 pending lessons?)

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Yes I have zero lessons.

The radicals are another story: I am still apprentice in 11 of them. The problem is that I never made a mistake in any of these 11. I am not asked about them except after long delays.

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Well, if you’re saying that those 11 apprentice radicals aren’t showing up in the reviews, then I would say you’d need to email WaniKani to talk directly to someone who has access to the kinds of tools that could fix that kind of problem.

Their email is


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