Radicals -1?

So, I was doing my lessons, and I looked at the amount of radicals I still needed to learn, and it said -1.

Does anyone have the same problem? Or is there a reason that it sais -1 radical?

That’s… interesting…
I’ve never seen this before. Is it still throwing you this number? Are all your radicals showing as unlocked?

If it’s causing you issues I would ping Viet. If not, I’d just leave it alone and see if it disappears.

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I think I know what happened.

Lets say you still have 3 radicals and 20 vocabulary to learn. You get a batch of things to learn with 3 radicals and 2 vocabulary. You learn them and then click on the review button. For some reason the system substracts one radical when it jumps to the review screen, and sais you have still 2 radicals to learn. Then, when you have finished reviewing, it substracts three radicals again and finishes with -1 radical to learn.

It also happens with the vocabulary and the kanji, but all the things unlock perfectly fine, so I think I’ll just leave it as it is.

Did you have any third party scripts running when this happened?

Heh, same thing happened to me a couple days ago but didn’t know if it was worth posting.

I’m on Safari and I don’t use any userscripts on this computer. I’d say the new sorting method has something to with this, but who knows?

Anyways, as far as I could tell this doesn’t mess with your progress at all, it’s just something disconcerting to see.

That’s no problem, just forget one. I do it all the time!


Vocabulary should be -5 or something, then xD

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