Managing the shift to fewer radicals (around level 13ish)

Hi folks, so I don’t know if anyone remembers that far back, but around level 13 or so, the number of radicals drops off from around 15-20 per level down to around 5-10 per level.

This has meant in contrast to the previous levels, the first batch of kanji I get is much larger than the second batch. But while I feel like I had a handle on how to schedule my vocabulary items previously, now it seems like they much more easily build up?

For instance, this seems to be pretty typical:

As you can see, I’m maybe a little less than 1/2 way done with my final set of kanji, and I still have 59 lessons (all vocab) lessons remaining? And then when I level up I’ll get more vocab.

Did anyone else find this as well? I’m guessing I have to focus a bit more on vocab now, to smooth things out a bit more?

If you’re using the default lesson settings (Lesson Order: “Ascending Level then Subject”), and not using a lesson reordering script, I think it will automatically give you your previous-level vocab first.

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I’ve verified and confirmed :slight_smile:.

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