Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

Added you, welcome to the race :wink:


Hi everyone, count me in for the race! I was just thinking that it would be worth of trying the N1 in 2020 and here I spotted the thread. Better late than never, alright :sweat_smile:

I have added myself to the Wiki post. Did I get it right that the order of the list is based on the current level? So when one goes up a level, the line might go up too? Well, depending on how your nearby comrades are doing?

My weakest section in the N2 was Kanji and Vocab, so the goal would be then not only using WK, but also

  • the N2 単語 2500
  • continuing to the N1 単語 3000
  • and also regular reading first, gradually coming to 多読

we shall see what comes out of the plan :upside_down_face:


Yup! Current level ranking. If you’re in a bunch of level 10’s and you level up to 11, you go above all of them and underneath level 12’s. At the moment there’s no rhyme or reason to ranking order within the levels themselves.



Hey, @FennelFox – would you mind updating the table for me? I’m at level 2 now, and I leveled up at 4d2h.

As far as my progress goes, I’m struggling a lot with vocab (averaging high 70s), but kanji and radicals are a breeze (averaging mid 90s). This is fun so far.


Thanks for adding folks!!

Actually, I try to keep it organized first by level, then by speed (more specific, then less specific), then by alphabet. I’ve been busy and have let the organization slip, but I’ll put a note to that effect above the leaderboard.

So hypothetically it would look like this:

keelimeguy 60 joined at: 3 speed: 6 days, 3 hours level: 4
rabideau 60 joined at: 4 speed: 8 days 23 hours level: 4
fakename 60 joined at: 4 speed: 8 days level: 4
anonymous 60 joined at: 4 speed: ? level: 4
banonymous 60 joined at: 4 speed: ? level: 4

Sure thing! Congratulations on leveling!! Vocab is my weak point (弱点)too.


Welcome! It’s great to have you! You’re not even late; we’re just getting started!

To add to what @Ilyasaur said, yes, but you have to move yourself when you edit the leaderboard. It’s just a table and doesn’t automatically move you.

Good luck with your plan! It sounds good to me, but those levels are still a distant dream for me. 頑張って!


@rabideau and @spleen, welcome to the race! Thanks for joining!


So happy to see more newcomers here, and all the level-up updates!

I’ve studied on WK every day since I started up again on May 9th, except this past Saturday. Ahhhh it pains me so much to see that gap and restart my streak, but I’m determined to get that streak number higher.


Good job for your streak ! You can do it !
What addon do you use to have this representation on your screen ?


Hi all ! @FennelFox can you add me to the race please ? I don’t have access to edit the post.

I am at level 5 but I am a pretty slow player (and a little unmotivated because of that). I have a lot of exam to get my master degree and I didn’t go to WK since some days/one month?. I really want to improve my japanese and pass N2 for the 2020 JLPT’s session. So it’s my first official post and here I go with you all o/

For my speed, choose something here : I am not really regular on my study for now.

I have now 158 review + 58 lessons… Help meeee… ~ !



Welcome to the group! Don’t worry about being slow, that’s not exactly unusual. Check out my times, courtesy of final year + thesis:


It’s called Wanikani Heatmap and it’s a script found here:

I use it too.

I’m going to level up in 30 mins. It will be my fastest level since level 2.
Did not expect to level up in this timely manner since school is out.
However I am already behind in vocabulary (45 lessons currently waiting and I already did 15 or so today) So that will only get more once I guru the final 2 kanji.
I hope to tackle another set at 6pm tonight, once the initial new reviews have moved up.
And then the final bit tomorrow morning when the little one is off to school again. Which means I can also start the radicals tomorrow. And maybe a few kanji, depending on how I feel.


Ooops. If I’d known I might not have contributed to screwing that up for you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay Level 9!

wait a minute…





@FennelFox Hey there!

I started using WaniKani 5 days ago in addition to taking my Japanese classes.
This would serve as extra motivation for me to push my learning evenn further.
I’m currently at level 1 and would love to be added to this list.




I’ve added you, welcome to WK and the forums. I suggest you head on over to the #Campfire:introductions so as to present yourself and get advice on how to use the forums and better your WK experience (especially how to make the most out of it without it taking too much of your time :slight_smile: ). Hope you enjoy your stay here!


Oh god, it got worse!
121 now. I guru’d some old kanji.
Well, let’s tackle a few.


How many lessons do you do at a time? I think 120 is not that much if you do radicals (usually around ~20) and some kanjis (so that you have 25-30 items the first batch), then the next day you do another batch for the kanjis (usually around 10-25 items) so that you have kanjis one day and radicals the other, spreading out your workflow while keeping speed, then the next days you do again batches of vocab. Ideally you don’t have to do more than 20 lessons/days if you want to achieve 60 by the 2020 December JLPT, you can refer to this chart by @GrumpyPanda if you want to calculate how many lessons you should do per day ideally :slight_smile:
Good luck on getting that lesson count down


Hahaha, feel free to add anyone who asks to be added. It’s a big help to me, actually!