Race to <Voting> - FINALLY OVER

Well, guess who‘s won: cake for the win!
Stuff about the post final round:
There has been a very near tie. Let‘s decide between the last two options! The post final round is here!
For details of the third round, see here
For the details of the second round, see here.
Here are the details of the first round:
We have 17 submissions! In this first voting round, you can choose as many as you like and the best 7 go on to the second round. The first round closes on 24 April 2018, 11:59pm Pacific time.
The poll is private, for unbiased voting :smiley:.
Vote away!

  • Race to El Dorado
  • Race to El Dorado :trophy:
  • Race to Shangri-la
  • Race to the end of (the Earth) WK
  • Race to Infinity
  • Race to Paradise :drum::drum::drum:
  • Race to burned Paradise
  • The Race :1st_place_medal::2nd_place_medal::3rd_place_medal:
  • Race to Enlightenment
  • Race to 悟道 enlightenment?:drum: :drum: :drum:
  • Race to Koichi
  • Race of the Crabigator
  • Race to the Stars
  • Race to the Cake :cake:
  • Race to Golem (because ろくじゅう sounds like “rock Jew,” which essentially what Golem is)
  • Race to Level 42
  • Race to Level 42+

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Wanted to add that I love Emojis in titles, so no matter what gets decided, I would like it, if there were Emoji added to it. :blush:


Me too, I love emoji… I would add them everywhere if it were my choice… (and I think 3 out of 5 emoji titles were my work…).


Some of them may need to be changed a little though, as it seems like the forum sometimes refuses multiple-emoji titles… Doesn’t hurt to try, at least.

Maybe in the last round we could vote on the original title and versions of it with Emoji added?

It’s sad that titles don’t support html like <s>, giving Earth

I believe you can actually use a unicode workaround for that, so that may still be possible to do without HTML.

It does look a little off though:


It’s an idea, that would mean those appearing twice, with and without emojis, will from now on just be counted as one (the best result counting). In the second round, I will remove all emoji and we will see… It could also stay free to edit, so that every regular may change emojis at will.

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Sorry, I know I’ve been complaining a lot but I want to just make sure everything’s fine. Shouldn’t we have a set amount of votes, about 8 or so. If you don’t then some people will only get 1 vote to someone else’s 9. Then that previous person wouldn’t get to have a say in what they want as a consolation.

Also, having a statement like this is a vote on the race thread posted here listed somewhere on the top might look more organized. Just my opinion, don’t mind.

I don’t really get what you mean. You mean a set amount for the first round? The more options you choose, the less the vote counts, which is only fair in my opinion. Also, this is only the first round. Later rounds will be restricted to one or two votes per person.

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I believe you’ll probably have to restrict how many options you can choose in future rounds. Otherwise everyone might just pick everything and we won’t get a result. :sweat_smile:

I will restrict it, because as you said, otherwise we will never get a conclusive result. The next round has 7 items, so 3 votes would be good in my opinion. Then the best 3 will constitute the last round with only one vote per person.

This is actually an admin setting, so if you guys really want more than one emoji in the title you could always petition the gods

More so if the person who only voted once loses then he has no say as to what of the remaining he would have preferred, Whereas the person who voted multiple time does.

That’s why we have multiple rounds. Now is the moment to choose all those you like, if your favourite makes the selection, you can choose it lateron, if not, maybe some others will. If a person decides to just vote once to give that title an extra high voting value, and that title doesn’t make it, well the person will have to contend with wathever is left in the next round.
If we tell everybody to choose 8 or however many options, some people may randomly click something just to fill their votes… I prefer if everybody has to ponder themselves how to vote.

That’s good to know. Is the limit 1 emoji at the moment? After all, it did work before…

Yep, I believe so

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That‘s a shame. Anything you can do about it? @viet @anon20839864 @koichi

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Hmmm… Looks like a new implementation? Found the setting. Updated from 1 to 8. Let’s roll with that for now.


Hurray! Thank you! :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet: