Race to the Cake 🍰


@Sezme: many thanks for inviting me to the narwhals, I just joined the group :blush: I put myself below you since you will overtake me in a couple of days (am level 52, but might still show as 51). I’m struggling a bit with the fast levels and don’t manage to go at full speed like all you crazy guys. You have to save some nice cake for me once you make it to the top.


Welcome! Oh, you’re definitely above me. I’m at 51, though still showing as 50 for now. I don’t deny feeling a little crazy, though. We’ll see if I can keep up with the fast levels until the end. No guarantees!

I’ve heard there’s plenty of cake for everyone, but I’ll be sure to save some for you if you don’t get there first.


My average level speed went down by two hours!!! yes! :fist:


I made it to level 52!! “Act your age, not your WaniKani level” edition. That’s right, I’ve finally achieved my number of years in WK levels, and because my birthday falls in a couple of days (totally not a hint), that may carry over to my next level as well.

Anyway, happy to have made it this far. Just gotta keep going until the cake. Now to tackle my embarrassing lessons backlog…


Oh, and I made it to level 53, still my age in years. Finally next level I’ll be younger than my WaniKani level.

I’ve got kanji overload disease, and the only prescription is … more kanji!


Became level 40 today!! On to the next 10


Congrats on overcoming your actual age in WK years :tada:


Merci! In the midst of the fast level madness I feel like my head is spinning as I try desperately to keep up with my reviews (successful) and lessons (less so) while the actual work I’m paid to do is suffering… I think you understand the feeling. But the light is there at the end of the tunnel. Less than a month to go as long as I can keep up the pace and nothing tragic happens!


Yup, can definitely relate.


i reset to level 20.
i feel bad, but it needed to be done


Don’t feel bad. This is a game where we get to make up our own rules. (I mean to a degree.) So the right way to do it is the way you choose for yourself.

I made it to level 56 last night, and I guess I’ll make it to the end, but at this stage of the game, it feels a bit like I’m a circus juggler who has to keep juggling, and every few days someone keeps tossing me a new ball. And I don’t know how to juggle more than 10 balls, but I’ve lost count, so who knows how many are up in the air right now, and if I drop them, there’s no way I’ll ever be able to juggle them all again.

(Did I stretch that metaphor enough?)


@jprspereira Man, you are fast with the clicking!

ETA: 7 seconds that time.


I like to call it speed reading, but it’s really just procrastination :rofl:


I reached the first (kinda bc I didn’t realize level 26 or something was fast at the time ha) fast level yesterdaaaay! Since I have loads of time the coming months I’ll try to do the fast levels at full speed. Let’s see how it goes. On the way to cake!


group hug!! :cry:

Also, Sezme. You’re almost there. I can’t put into words how proud i am.


Hello everyone! I turned on vacation mode a few weeks ago because of school obligations and needing to spend my spare time taking care of myself and resting my brain. Hopefully I’ll be able to reactivate soon, although there’s 5 weeks left of this quarter and 10 more after spring break so I’m concerned. I don’t want to have to knock down a level or two due to too long away but I might have to. Or maybe I could reset a level or two and just take it really slow? I do miss doing my reviews…


Level 57. Almost there…
Many thanks for your kindness and support!


No, thank you for giving your best.


Man I’m so far away from being level 60, must be a few years away at least, I wonder what wkstats estimates.