Race to the Cake 🍰


It’s now my third time starting the early 20’s. I’ve reset twice now over the past 6 years (dear god, did I really first start in 2013?) :disappointed: Hoping maybe posting here will help me to keep up this time around.



Yes!!! Great, a fresh start, and new motivation!!



Indeed! Been doing a lot better this time around too. I kinda just did WK before and figured I’d eventually learn other stuff. This time around I’ve been working through BunPro/Genki I and the Core 2k. Also signed up for the 少女週末旅行 book club next month. So pretty hyped :smile:



Go @Sezme! The home stretch! :running_man::running_woman::running_man:



Thank you so much! My timing was off this morning because I woke at 6:30 instead of 5:30, which screws up my WK schedule today because I don’t have time to squeeze in the reviews… but ultimately it doesn’t matter much at this point.

Level 59 woot!



And just like that, there was cake. I’m actually waiting until the morning to cut into it, but so you know, this one is a Japanese style soufflé cheesecake. Light as a feather.

I thank you all for motivating me to race toward this glorious moment. It feels pretty good. I managed to get to level 60 with a wkstats.com calculated overall accuracy of 95.06% though believe me, I have plenty of review sessions with a much lower accuracy rate.

Now if you’ll excuse me, a side-affect of doing eight fast levels in a row (and using the re-order script) is that I have a mountain of lessons waiting for me. I mean I also have a mountain of reviews, but the lesson-mountain is much higher.

I wish I could share the cake with all of you, but you know, you need to earn it, and you’ll get yours soon enough. Level 60 buddies, though, are more than welcome to have a slice.



You made it!!!


I’m so glad for you, you’ve become the number 10 to join the Hall of cake, what an excelent number I’d say. And your accuracy is golden!

You should have access to a certain part of the forums now, don’t forget to say hi

So, are we having a how I made it to 60 thread? i look forward to read it.

Again, congrats!!



Oh, about that accuracy… let’s just say I like my “ignore” button. As long as it’s justified! Maybe I’ll say more about that in my graduation thread… You know, after I rest a little. (And thanks for the special area of the forum reminder. I didn’t even think about that until now.)



Rest my friend, you deserve it

But not for too long, ok? :stuck_out_tongue:



That’s because wkstats considers a typical fail as 67% accuracy, like 1/2 reading and 1/1 meaning = 2/3 total. Your actual accuracy should be around 90%.



Congratulations to those who made it to the cake!!

The end of last year I was really close to 60, but I took a break for the winter holidays. I started back up at a not-so-good time in January, and since then, I’ve been taking my reviews as they come, slowly whittling them down, and now they’re much more manageable. I don’t mind taking a slower pace at the moment, so I withdrew (hadn’t updated in several levels anyhow). I still have over 200 lessons to get through, so I’ll slowly shift them back into my schedule. I might try to jump into the Naughty Narwhals group (looks like you all have a great time!) when I get my lessons back down. :slight_smile:

My goal is to reach 60 this year, and I know I will, but it doesn’t have to be now. Knowing I passed N2 was enough for me. xD Now I want to make sure that I actually retain some of the vocabulary I learn.



Math checks out

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Yeah I could have been more clear. I mean wkstats considers it as 2/3 accuracy while WK considers it as 0/1, which is far more relevant IMO. If I fail all 200 items in a review, my accuracy should be 0%, not 67%.



As I understand it, and I believe as @rfindley has explained it, this is incorrect. You do not get 67% accuracy for getting an item completely wrong. You get 0%. It’s like the accuracy rating you see during reviews: every item is considered separately (i.e. meanings and readings are considered separate items), so it’s a percentage of meanings and readings answered correctly.

After reviews, on the summary sheet, you see a percentage that’s often lower because that number shows the percentage of items that were answered correctly in full (you got both meaning and reading correct). Wkstats.com isn’t able to provide that average due to API limitations.



That’s what I observed as well :+1:t2:

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I know WK’s wall of shame gives 67% for a single fail (or 50% for radicals) so maybe I got confused with that.

That’s the accuracy I care about though, because that’s what affects my SRS level.

You can get a close approximation with 1 - (Total Incorrect Reviews / Total Meaning Reviews).
The given accuracy will be slightly too low unless you’ve never got multiple fails on an item in a single review session, e.g. failing both the reading and meaning.



No Pain No Gain buddies
16. Crito, **level:**1, speed: 7 days, 20 hours






Congratulations @Sezme!!! Well done!!! :cake: And the cake looks incredibly yummy? Would you share the recipe​:yum::yum:?

I’m struggling a bit with my last levels since I’m busy and a bit exhausted, but seeing your cake really motivates me!



Many thanks, @ulisan! It will be your turn soon enough. Just keep at it even if your pace feels slow, I know you’ll get there.

Now on to more important matters: cake!!! I’ve made more than a few Japanese soufflé cheesecakes in the last couple years. The mania started when Uncle Tetsu opened a shop in Toronto. Not everyone is as much a fan as I am (my Japanese teacher commented that she found them a bit ordinary), but I LOOVE their cakes. But you have to wait in line and pay money, and anyway I like to do my own baking.

So I’ve tried a few recipes. But the one I used for this last one is this:

I think it’s a really well-written recipe and it turned out great. We finally finished eating the cake last night.

Here’s a better picture of it.