Who Wants to Challenge Me to a Race?

Any newcomers around level 5 or below that want to challenge me to a race to level 60? I do better at these things when I have someone to compete against. We would basically be keeping each other accountable and rubbing it in when we get ahead of each other. Game on?


So many chances to be irresponsible and abuse incorrect answers through plugins.

But I do relate to the competition aspect. Makes me more focused.


I hear ya. All I can do is promise that I won’t use any plug-ins.

What you could do instead, is aim at passing users who are just further beyond you. That way it keeps you motivated on staying on top of your reviews and such. An additional benefit is that you won’t be discouraged if your “competitor(s)” ends up quitting, which often happens due to life circumstances.


I challenge you fttttttfttt fttt:rofl::rofl::rofl:

WaniKani is for learning… not a competition.

It makes me wonder how many high level users don’t actually know all of the stuff they have at guru or higher because “gotta go fast”


How could you not know the stuff unless you’re cheating yourself by looking up the answers or using plugins?


I would challenge you but some would say that starting with +55 level is cheating


You’re right.
Plus the SRS system is here to check what you forgot. I sometimes noticed when reading japanese that I forgot a burnt item, but a quick reminder is enough to “burn it back” in my brain.


If they don’t know it, it’ll go back to apprentice.


Race me, kouhai.


I’m doing this because it’s part of the tutorial checklist.


I’m not necessarily “racing”, but I’m level 05. I’ll be going at about a 7-8 day per level pace for a while.

I thought the fastest was 10 days for these levels, no? Maybe 8 was the fastest possible pace or something?

Feel free to race me, have been on vacation mode for like over a month. If you’re fast you should be able to lv 60 before me, I’m pretty slow :stuck_out_tongue:

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Race yourself by seeing if you can level up in the minimum of time (minimum I believe is 7 days and 2 hours or so, so try to always level up in less than 8 days.)

The fastest for most levels is 6d20h. Some levels can be done in 3d10h. No one does this though. The most active users go for 7d levels.


Oh right, I remember hearing this hah. Guess I’ve been away for too long… Thanks!

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I’ll be part of your race group. I’m competive about most things but strangely not about WK but I’m already going as fast as I can and that’s fine with me.

That said whatever keeps you focused, but actually knowing them is the first goal. ね?

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