Race to the Cake 🍰

I levelled up, on schedule! I still have a mountain of reviews to tackle (181), and a lot of apprentice items (150), but that’s still better than it was this time last week. I found that level 44 had a lot of kanji (around 14) with readings that I already knew (though I didn’t know the kanji) so I appreciated that.

@Ninkastmin: I updated your element for you. Funny! You’ll be having cake pretty soon, which believe me tastes better than barium.


@ninkastmin is now the leader of our pack, our alpha wolf.

lead us to bloody dear corpses, boss!
we dine
in HELL!


image image

Yay, friend!

@OmukaiAndi haha, oh stop it you…



isn’t mac donald’s hell? :laughing:


Alpha narwhalf, actually.


Japan’s McDonalds is nice

@Ninkastmin did you know that some minutes have 61 seconds? Those are called leap seconds. The last one happened two years ago.
Wikipedia has a nice pic from the one before that.

Now I can’t decide which level you are anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, have heard of them, but I surely didnt have them in mind when updating my level

I looked up some data, it says here that there have only been 27 leap seconds since 1972.

I used a calculator to tell me roughly how many seconds there have been in those 46 years

so to believe that I am refering to a leap second is a bet of 1 in 54,905,530
roughly of course…
and so I looked up the odds to win the lottery (which lottery, idk some lottery somewhere)


I guess we should go play the lottery, we’re feeling lucky :smiling_imp:

This was all for fun, don’t get a wrong idea. :slight_smile:
Looking that up was worth my time pun intended

Even if the odds are as low as
You’re right in saying that you can’t be sure if I’m 59 or 60.


Is there any leap minutes in an hour? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope. Hence my confusion :stuck_out_tongue:


I changed my speed to the average speed since I started doing wanikani actively again! Since level 27 or something I decided to stick to a schedule (level up at 9pm, first review 1am or something, etc etc). I’m really enjoying it like this! Makes me feel more motivated to level up nearly every week.


Hey Guys,
it was a bit busy around Christmas but I made it to level 35 on Christmas eve :wink:
yeah I reached N3 comparable levels in one year of Wanikani. But now I’ll try to slow down and especially disable some of my scripts… I didn’t just abuse the reorder script but also my “override” script. I’ll disable this one and keep on working on my leeches and stuff, until I get to a natural accuracy of 85%+ before I touch the override script again.
And now it is also finally the time to focus more on Grammar for me :wink: and on texts, so you guys might read less frequent from me now :wink:

But you guys motivated me to get here :wink: and all the other wanikanians as well. So keep on fighting for yourselves as well! I’ll be waiting here.

@ploopy1000 @riverpuppy @Papayaya


I usually post when I level up. I won’t do that until tomorrow morning. But I did want to say that I’m finally back at
for the first time since October. Yay me!

Just in time for the fast levels… Gulp… Now I have to start pre-studying kanji.


OK, obligatory level up post. I’m now in the fast levels, which means I had to memorize all 37 kanji the night before levelling up. Now I have to tackle a mountain of vocabulary so that I don’t get behind. I’ll try to keep this up. If it all gets too much, I’ll slow it down and go back to my ‘normal’ seven day pace.

Also, I reorganized the rankings up top, now that @Naphthalene and @Ninkastmin have graduated from racing to eating cake. If you haven’t seen it, read @Naphthalene’s excellent how-i-made-it-to-level-60-without-breaking-a-sweat post here. It’s terrific. And I’m sure @Ninkastmin is hard at work on his even I type these words. 待ちかねているよ.


What? That can’t be mine, I broke multiple sweats on the way D:

Good job on the level up, though!


And speaking of sweating, here I am levelling up again in 3.5 days. Fast levels. So very fast. Don’t know if I have time to catch my breath… I seem to be okay at learning a lot of kanji quickly. The issue seems to be somewhere between Master and Enlightenment stages when my brain decides to flush out this useless trivia. I wonder how this issue will be affected by a series of fast levels. Time will tell.



Same. I feel like the SRS schedule is a bit suboptimal there.

Hahaha it’s funny, ‘cause I know :joy: :smile: :neutral_face: :sob:


i decided to take a progress break.

it’s becoming more and more difficult to memorize new stuff these last few levels (started at 26), and i’ve been distracted by other things.

i might just burn everything i have now, and start to resurrect kanji from older levels to solidify them, and to keep a certain degree of activity up, because just doing reviews, i’ll not see much stuff each day, and with nothing to do, i believe my moral will zero out.

i wonder if this is a neuronal thing, a message from my brain telling me it needs to digest first, or if that’s just me being lazy. i guess the hunger will return, probably soon.

maybe i’ll just keep going till 40 and do it then, or at 50, or at 60. i don’t know yet. all i do know is that i’m feeling friction and need to reduce it.

lvl 30 is half-way. i’ll level up to 31, just “to have the worst behind me”. let’s see how this turns out.


kudos to you in your fast level journey,
I don’t doubt that we’ll see you soon at 60, so there’s little for me to say. :slight_smile:

@Naphthalene gomen, I pretty much blacked out the whole last week, I missed your level-60 post. I’m going over there right now.

@OmukaiAndi level 30 is a damn great level, I don’t know how tired you might be but rest assured that if you keep at this even at slow pace you will be 60 in no time as well

Since new year is approaching (at least for me) I’ll be writing my own level-60 post

Hey minna, Happy new year!!




This is my (for now) semi-weekly level up post.

With these short levels, I feel like I’m riding a rocket. I haven’t cracked yet. So far.

@OmukaiAndi, Hey buddy, I was just looking back at the Level 29 kanji, and… I’m amazed at how few I remember. I’m a couple weeks away from burning them, so I imagine I’ll have limited success when that time comes. All that to say that, yes, long term memorization is challenging. But the point of this little exercise (I mean WK) is to challenge our memories and have things repeated until we finally do memorize them.

Of course you know what’s best for you. I’m just a little concerned for you since you’ve mentioned that you’ve gotten so far with WK in the past and then reset (was it a couple times?), so I wonder if your current frustration isn’t a mental block that you need to push past.

Having said that, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with slowing down, though I don’t know if burning everything you have now is the way to go. What helped me when I was feeling overwhelmed and unable to memorize a while ago, was to A) not worry if I got things wrong, but B) after a review session, really test myself again on the ones I just got wrong, so that I’d at least (probably) get them right the next time they came up. That helped me feel like I was making progress again.

Anyway, sorry if I’m intruding. I don’t wish to be pushy. You’ve made great progress so far, and it’s completely up to you whether to continue or take a break. Good luck in any case!