Race to the Cake 🍰

Congrats, @Naphthalene! おめでとうございます!ケーキおいしい?

As to me, I finally beat back my review weeds.


And I’ve started doing lessons again (still 235 waiting for me, and 236 apprentice items) but I’m back in the game! Ooh, looks like I haven’t even lost my place in the standings among the Naughty Narwhals, so that’s good! Now to prepare for the fast levels… I guess.


Good job!

I you can deal with 236 apprentice items, then the fast levels will feel like business as usual :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!


Haha, well the last few days have been just tackling piles of review items a few hundred per day in order of kanji first, then vocab, from low levels to current. And following @Ninkastmin’s good advice to not worry about accuracy. I feel like I’ve solidified a lot more items in my memory, so hopefully the apprentices won’t stay that way for too long.

Anyway, with my vacation and the JLPT out of the way, plus the end of the year is not too busy for me generally, I should have more time to devote to this project of cramming Japanese words into my little brain.


Ah, @Naphthalene おめでとうございます!! You made it!!!


I’d like to join the Back to Start crew!!

Highest I’ve been is mid 30’s but kept rolling back levels

On Overhaul day I went from lv 20 -> 1

@Naphthalene Congratulations, great job! And lovely colours to celebrate the cake :cake:!

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Hi @Roawrenzo, You should be able to add yourself to the group. Just click the link that looks like this:image (next to the post by Tyger that shows the lists), then click “Edit Wiki” to open the editing window.

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Are you back!?!?!?


Yes, I’m back…



Please don’t make me watch that for an hour!


I gave up at 3:19


admirable effort :slight_smile: they are cute, but a bit repetitive. should have made that 20 maids, random order.

I gave up at the beginning of the third loop, 20 seconds in :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m finding it hard lately… i’ve got 1400 and i’m really struggling


I hear you. It does get a bit overwhelming once those numbers get big. I just waited until I had time, and then hacked away at them a hundred or two at a time. I found it important to not worry too much if I got them right or not. (I usually take time to think about a word if I can’t remember it, but with a pile that big, it was more productive to just plough through.)

After each review session, I’d look at the page that shows which ones I got wrong, and try to remember them for next time. That helped a lot.

But really, it’s about time and motivation. As with anything else, once you stop a habitual activity, it can be hard to start it again. So look within and see what’s motivating you. In my case, I want to finish this damn thing early next year and get on with my life. But everyone is different.

I’d suggest (if you want any suggestions) to try to get through that pile as fast or slowly as you need to, without doing any new lessons. You can divide it up and say that of the 1400, you’ll do 100 a day and finish it in roughly 2 weeks, for example.

And then once you get it down to zero, before any new lessons, really think about what pace works best for you, and try to stick to that pace, even if it’s only 5 lessons per day.

Or alternately, you could just give it up for a while and come back when you’re feeling properly motivated. These things (motivations) come and go. Sometimes it’s not worth trying to force yourself into doing something that you don’t really want to do right now. Look within and ask yourself how you really feel. If you need more encouragement, I will say this: you’re almost halfway there.


good point, i never check properly what i got wrong
and now with these new radicals, i’m not sure if i’m getting the old or new meaning until after i have a go and the overide script won’t let you cancel correct ones


I haven’t had an issue with the radical overhaul so far. I basically have ignored it apart from the new radicals that appeared in my lessons. Those didn’t exist before so didn’t have old meanings. For all the ones that have updated meanings, I don’t really care if I answer with the old or new meanings. Since they’re just memorization tools, just use whatever works,


Also, just on the point you made about reviewing the ones you got wrong after a review session, I find that when I do that consistently, it really helps get rid of leeches. That combined with custom mnemonics for tricky vocabulary items. Like in level 41 there’s 廃棄 (はいき) whose individual kanji are obsolete and abandon, but together they mean annulment. That was hard to remember, so I wrote, “A disharmonious HIKI-ng trip led to the ANNULMENT of their marriage.”

So if I can just remember hiking when I see 廃棄, I’ll know that it leads to annulment.

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thats a good idea