Quick question about level 3 & 4

I’m up to level 3 in WaniKani and I got an email saying that I finished it. However, in WaniKani it still says that I’m level 3. I already learned all the radicals, kanji, and vocabulary.
So what I’m asking is: Will Wanikani tell me that I reached level 4 even though I didn’t buy a subscription. or will it just leave me at level 3 forever never telling me that if I would be paying I could’ve already started learning new words?
EDIT: The badge next to my name (here on the forums) also says I’m level 4…

Just check if you have guru’d 90% of your level 3 kanji. If you have, you need to buy a subscription to move on to level 4.

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ok thanks!

If anyone in the future wonders about this:
I just bought a subscription and immediately got 52 lessons. Meaning that I was Level 4, it’s just that WaniKani didn’t tell me until after buying the subscription.

@Rincewind how can i check if i guru’d 90% of kanji. where do i go to see that.

I see you are level 4 here on the forums so you probably have guru’d enough kanji. But you can check it on your dashboard page:

ah I see. I totally missed that. thanks.

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