Level 4 even with no premium

I wanted to finish level 3 and then subscribe for a year.
I just brought 90% Kanji in level 3 to Guru and… it says I am level 4 now and I unlocked lessons too?
How is that possible, I didn’t upgrade yet, also it still has the popup saying “upgrade to premium now”!


You probably unlocked vocabulary from level 3 that was locked due to kanji level 3. As you guru the kanji, you get unlocked vocab from that same level that uses the kanji you just guru’d.

You’re indeed level 4 (on the forums) because you guru’d 90% of kanji. However, you don’t get to do content from level 4 unless you subscribe :slight_smile:


Your WaniKani main site profile says you are level 3, as one would expect from being unsubscribed. The forum shows whatever your level would be if you were subscribed.


I see.
So as soon as I subscribe I get new lesson unlocks right away?

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Yes, should be.


Each level works the same- radical-kanji-vocab- so yes to getting new lessons right away BUT you’d still have to deal with the pending L3 vocab first…that said, you can poke around the forums to learn how to reorder things (if you want that option). :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the help!
I finally did it and subscribed for a year, the trial convinced me!
Here we go, my journey is only starting xd

And yep I did unlock new level 4 lessons right away!


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