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Hi, I have moved all my apprentice items to Guru, all radicals, kanji, and vocabs of lv 3 to Guru level I believe, and I’m still on lv 3. I emailed using your Contact form and someone replied saying that they see me as lv 4. But on my dashboard I’m still on lv 3. I have tried refreshing my browser many times, and I’ve tried logging out and in again.

I’m not a paying member yet and I know I need to subscribe to see Lessons for lv 4, but I really want to get to lv 4 first before purchasing a membership. Seems fair to me, as it took me a while to go through lv 3, so I don’t want to start paying too early.
Can someone check if it’s a bug and fix it?


I see you as level 4 as well. Have you tried logging in from a different browser?

You can’t see the level 4 items before paying. It’s only free for levels 1, 2 and 3. I’m confused as to what would be a bug. You are level 4, but you can not progress until you’ve paid for a membership.



Oh is the number attached to our avatar the level? On my dashboard I’m looking at the icon called Levels and see 3. I’m expecting this to show 4 if I have levelled up. (Even though all the lv 4 items will be locked before paying, I’m aware.)

It is weird that there is a mismatch between the forums and wanikani. But anyways, yes, you’re stuck at level 3 until you subscribe. If you subscribe, you will be promoted to level 4. And if you’re not, that’s the time to contact wanikani.

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This isn’t a bug, you won’t be able to see level 4 until you subscribe. You can get a preview of the vocab you’ll be learning here: https://quizlet.com/147721714/wanikani-level-4-vocab-flash-cards/, if that’s what your looking for.

If I recall correctly, I think I’ve seen people here on the forums with high level numbers and gray level marks so I think as far as what the forums are concerned, you keep your level wether you have a subscription or not.

On the other hand, for WK you will be level 3 as long as you don’t pay a subscription.

Technically speaking, I guess if you have cleared all level 3 items you are level 4. At least internally, though the app will still reflect 3 until you pay.

Confusing, maybe, but I wouldn’t qualify it as a bug… everything working as expected.


I’ve gone ahead and subscribed, and I’m shown as 4 now on the dashboard. Thanks for the replies everyone!


Welcome to the next part of your kanji learning journey!


Testing to see if I am having this same issue because I have been on Level 3 forever

Have you subscribed to any plan yet?

As far as I know, there is no issue. You just have pay for a subscription. You won’t show up as level 4 on the dashboard until you’ve subscribed. You show up as level 4 here on the forums so everything seems to be in order.

WK staff replied to my email saying that it’s a “minor display bug” on the dashboard, which I think is worth fixing. You can’t blame people for wanting to cross over a certain “finish line” first before going to the next (paid) stage, it’s structured that way by WK after all. At the moment it is not clear whether you have cleared up lv 3 on the dashboard.
Just for extra info, once I paid, Lv 4 was unlocked, I then received a congratulations email, the content of which assumes I have yet to decide to do paid subscription and encourages me to (odd as I wouldn’t have received the email until I paid). The order of things could do with a little improvement. Just my 2c.

I have to agree, that sounds a bit strange. At least it could be a bit more clear that you have to pay to see level 4 on the dashboard. I think I read about it somewhere before completing level 3, but there seems to be a lot of confusion about this.

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