Am I Level 3 or 4?

Hi Guys, I’m confused about the Leveling System a bit. I leveled up 3 times now, which should mean I’m Level 4 right? So if that’s the case, I should’nt be able to go on with my free Account right? Just wanna make sure when to buy Premium ^^

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You’re level 3.

WaniKani will allow you to complete level 3 with a free account, but not start level 4.


Does that mean you start at Level 0 technically? Pretty weird since I leveled up three times already and have this:

Also, This message:

appeared one whole Level ago

ALSO, my last Level Up cheer thingy had the Kanji for 4 in it’s center, lol


Aye, you’ve completed level 3, but you can’t actually access level 4 until you subscribe.


That’s pretty new addition. Probably doesn’t work correctly with free accounts yet.

The fun part is you can be both level 3 on the forums and level 4 on WaniKani (until you sign out and sign back in again).

Schrodinger’s level.