Quick Q on apprentice counter logic

  1. before:
  2. review session:
  3. after:
  4. confusion:

so 4 guru were wrong and turned into apprentice again (+4) - yet we went from 89 to 96
how does this work? :thinking:

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No, 4 incorrect answers are now guru and 15 incorrect answers are now apprentice.
Furthermore, the 20 Guru you see in the correct section are both App4 → Guru1 and Guru1 → Guru2. So not all of them are taking away from Apprentice.

(also your before and after are the same)

Some more info in SRS can be found here. The steps for incorrect can be surprising sometimes.


(fixed the before picture, thank you)

I’m afraid I can;t quite follow you, please rephrase

Heh, I was wondering.

<insert “these are the same picture” meme here>

Basically, there are four levels in Apprentice and two levels in Guru, so you can get an Apprentice item right, and it’ll still show as Apprentice, for example, because it went from Apprentice 3 to Apprentice 4.


I think the confusion lies here. Four Master/Enlightened were wrong and turned into Guru.
15 Guru/Apprentice were wrong and turned into Apprentice.

You think the 4 Guru means that 4 Guru were wrong, but it simply means that 4 answers were wrong and turned into Guru.

To be more clear:

When you get something wrong it goes back 2 steps in the SRS, except in the case where the review item was Apprentice:

When you get this wrong The item goes to
Enlightened Guru 2
Master Guru 1
Guru 2 Apprentice 4
Guru 1 Apprentice 3
Apprentice 4 Apprentice 3
Apprentice 3 Apprentice 2
Apprentice 2 Apprentice 1

The Apprentice section of the Incorrect table is about items that were either Guru or Apprentice.
The Guru section of the Incorrect table is about items that were either Enlightened or Master.

That’s also why you will never see Master or Enlightened in the Incorrect section.
And also why it’s impossible to calculate the new SRS distribution from that table.


This cleared everything up. Thank you! Also thank you for the detailed explanation (and to you too @Belthazar and @TheFlaminMunch)


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