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Hello Everyone,

I had a kanji at guru level. It just popped up in a review after a long absence, and I got it wrong. Looks like it got bumped all the way down to apprentice 1 - is that how it works?

I guess it makes sense, I need to review it a few times to get it stuck back in there, but ouch! My foolish pride is wounded! :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, it shouldn’t go back to Apprentice 1, though I don’t know exactly what the formula is (someone has it I’m sure).

If you check the item page, it should tell you how long until that item appears and that will tell us which stage it’s on.

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It says it will be back to haunt me in 3 hours. Also, when I look at it on, it says Apprentice 1. Well, all of this conversation will help me remember 丁, I’m sure. Thanks!

Excerpt from the FAQ:

WaniKani’s SRS spans across nine levels, which are split across the five groups.

Apprentice spans the first four SRS levels. Guru consists of two levels. Master, Enlightened, and Burned represent single levels.

In order to reach Guru from Apprentice, you must get an item to level 5 on the SRS scale. If you get an item correct, it goes up one level. If you get an item incorrect, it goes down one or more levels, depending on how far along you are, the type of review (radical, kanji, or vocabulary), and how many times you answer the review incorrectly. The lowest level is level 1, so even if you answer something incorrectly a ton, that’s as far down the scale as it will go.

Let’s pretend you are trying to get the kanji 大 to guru, and you’ve already learned 大 during lessons. Here are your answers:

Correct (+1 level, so it's now at SRS level 2)
Correct (+1 level, SRS level 3)
Correct (+1 level, SRS level 4)
Incorrect twice before getting it correct (-1 levels, SRS level 3)
Correct (+1 level, SRS level 4)
Correct (+1 level, SRS level 5. GURU)

When an item reaches Guru, that means you know that item fairly well, but not great. Enough to unlock available associated items, like kanji that use a radical, or vocabulary that use a kanji, etc.

After an item is out of the Apprentice category, it will go down 2 SRS intervals if you get it wrong 1 or 2 times in the same session. At the third mistake, it will go down 3 intervals, I believe. 4 intervals, corrected by the awesome @seanblue ^^ Thanks!

I don’t know the exact rules, but I think you can get an idea on how it works. To avoid excessively reducing an item back to a much lower SRS level, make sure to relearn the items right after you get them wrong :slight_smile:

The FAQ is correct in that it matters how many times you got it wrong during the review, but I’m pretty sure that formula / table is no longer accurate.

Ah, good to know!

4 actually. So three mistakes would send a Guru 1 item all the way back to Apprentice 1.

I wouldn’t expect you to know that though since you’re too perfect to make three mistakes on the same item. :slight_smile:


My bad, will fix my post :slight_smile:

HAHAHA :joy: I don’t remember getting a vocab wrong more than 2 times indeed :sweat_smile:

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That’s great! :smiley:

mumble mumble



By the way, here is a more detailed post I wrote about it a week ago.

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