Drop form enlightened to apprentice

Dear Community,

after reading through some comments and not finding the correct information I am asking here.
I read that you drop by 2 SRS if you fail during a Review.
Nevertheless, for me it appears (at least recently) that I always drop from enlightened to apprentice.
I have no idea why this happening or if this due to a new system change or something.

Would be cool to get a short info on this one.
Thanks in beforehand to everyone! :slight_smile:

items can drop multiple levels if you get them wrong multiple times during the same review

edit: here’s the link to the wanikani knowledge base info

I wanted to add this earlier, but I saw Leebo replying and had to act fast


Just to be sure, you can be wrong more than once in a single review. And each one of those continues to accumulate. So it’s entirely possible to go all the way from a burn review to apprentice level 1 if you are wrong enough times.

Is that what’s happening? Or you only got one wrong answer and immediately answered correctly after that and it still knocked you down that much?

Thank you both for your answers. I am aware that you can drop multiple levels after getting something wrong (already happend a few times :sweat_smile: ).
My problem is that I drop multiple levels (enlightened → apprentice) if I get it wrong once.
This only happens when Items are on the enlightened level. If they are on the Master I drop to Guru.

That shouldn’t be happening. If you are tech savvy you can get specific review data from the API to see exactly what happened. Or if someone is willing, they could write a small script or data explorer for you to use.

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This seems abnormal. I suggest you email at hello@wanikani.com to have the technical staff investigate what happens.

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