Isn’t it a bit cruel to go from Guru to Apprentice as soon as you get wrong a single time? :frowning:

It’s actually the opposite, because you can review the item more!

It’s very nice.

Guess where enlightened items go when you get them wrong :smirk:


If you got an item wrong after a 3 day wait, wouldn’t it be a bit odd for it to come back at 3 days again?

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You are right actually :slight_smile: Still you work really hard in order to reach each level, from this point of view I see this as a ‘cruel action’ :smiley:

Hopefully you aren’t working to reach each level, but to be able to read Kanji.

If you keep that in mind, it will make sense that you have to review your “weak” items more.


From GURU to APPRENTICE isn’t that cruel, but from MASTER to APPREN, and from ENLIGHTENED to GURU to APPREN are a little…


Really?! I thought you lose only a “level”! This is extremely cruel ;(


2 levels down if it’s Guru or higher. Only one level down for Apprentife items.

Don’t you lose 1/2 levels per 2 errors? So if you screw up 3 times during the same session, it’s shoved down 4 levels if it’s Guru+?

I’m a master at sending items back to apprentice. It’s what I do best with WaniKani.


Are you my twin?


Lemme guess! Apprentice?

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No, Guru. WK isn’t that nice


Phew. What are the times again? I take it
:Apprentice= getting a decent ratio
:Guru= 3 days later
:Master= ?
:Enlightened= ?
:Burned= ?

dammit wikimarkup doesn’t work lol

Monday 8am: Lesson (Apprentice 1)
Monday 12pm: Review (Apprentice 2)
Monday 8pm: Review (Apprentice 3)
Tuesday 7pm: Review (Apprentice 4)
Thursday 6pm: Review (Guru 1)
One week later: Review (Guru 2)
Two weeks later: Review (Master)
One month later: Review (Enlightened)
Four months later: Review (Burn)


[quote=“rusca91, post:1, topic:18461, full:true”]
Isn’t it a bit cruel to go from Guru to Apprentice as soon as you get wrong a single time? :frowning:
[/quote]You have to stop thinking of Guru as a “reward” and Apprentice as a “punishment”. Mistakes are for learning. Your progress through the next 57 levels will be a lot easier if you treat this as an opportunity to learn. It is how a spaced repetition system (SRS) works. If you know the word, the review intervals get longer. If you don’t know it, the review interval shortens to help you remember it.

I had items that were in the enlightened queue. When the burn review came, I got it wrong and it returned to the guru queue. Two weeks later, I got it wrong again and it went into apprentice. I readily admit to swearing at the computer in these moments. However, I would not want WaniKani to behave in any other way.

The items which are easiest to recall are the ones, which I have seen in my other studies (textbook, class work, television, NHK etc). The lesson here is to get more exposure from outside WaniKani. The items I get wrong are the ones, which I only see in WaniKani.


Flunking a “enlightened test” because of a typo (or even worse, a burn) stings a bit. My goal is to have the vocabs not bothering me. If you know the vocab you can get it up to master (even from apprentice) pretty quick (at least in the grand scheme of things) and then it won’t bother you so much anymore. If a vocab bounces around between apprentice and master a couple of times before shooting off to enlightend, that’s really nothing compared to the 4 months you have to wait for a burn.

If it’s just a typo, why not use the ignore script?