Radical not guruing after 4 correct tries

Hi there,

I feel like I must be going crazy because I swore radicals guru after getting them right three times, but “lack” is at 4 correct in a row and is still apprentice. What gives?

Well, they’re supposed to guru at 4 in a row, not 3, but yeah I don’t know why it would say apprentice still if the streak is at 4.

Your next review is in a day, it will guru then.

Perhaps it’s counting the first one as part of the streak even though it was wrong?

Actually, yeah, I imagine it went wrong, wrong, wrong, right… in your first review, which means it doesn’t advance to the next stage, but you still get 1 answer in a row.

I guess we should reword it to “you need to get it right 4 times without any wrong answers during those 4 unique reviews” but that’s a mouthful.

If you get an item wrong in a review, it will show up in the review again until you get it right. Which means that at the end of the review, you will have a streak of 1, even though the item levels down.
So this means you only got this item 3 times right in a row, and you need 4 to get to guru.

Also, was there some reason you wanted to be masochistic about not checking what the answer was when you got it wrong more than one time in that first review? Once you get something wrong, there’s no harm in just looking at the answer, because you’ve already knocked yourself down the SRS chain / prevented yourself from moving up.

Plus, for every two wrong answers (reading+meaning), it drops back an additional level… or two additional levels if the item is at Guru or higher!

Where is the documentation showing what happens if you get a review wrong?

I don’t know if there is any documentation. I’m going by what’s in the site’s Javascript.
(And I’m assuming it hasn’t changed, though it’s easy enough to confirm).

[edit: reconfirmed…]

i = t >= 5 ? 2 * Math.round(o / 2) : 1 * Math.round(o / 2)

i is the number of levels you drop.
t is the item’s current level.
5 is Guru1
o is the number of wrong answers for the item in the current session

Does this mean that it’ll drop further if I get (say) the meaning wrong repeatedly in the same session?

If so, I never knew it did that! (And if not it seems like Math.round(o / 2) can’t ever be anything else than 1)

That’s correct. If you answered meaning wrong 4 times in the same session, and finally got it right the 5th time, you would drop 2 levels if it was Apprentice, or 4 levels if it was Guru or higher.

In fact, since Math.round() is rounding up, if you get meaning wrong three times, and got it right on the 4th time, it would still drop 2 or 4 SRS levels.

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I thought that “current streak” meant number of correct tries in a row, so a current streak of 4 should not be counting correct tries that were not all in a row. If that is the case, then even if I got it wrong previously, if I got it right 4 times in a row after the previous failures, it should have guru’d, since it’s a radical, right?

And yeah, I guess I am a bit masochistic about not letting myself look up the answers, but I want to make sure I know it pretty well (It hasn’t been at guru yet).

It’s actually just a simplification to say “answer 4 times correctly to reach Guru”. It leaves out the actual mechanics of the SRS leveling.

You actually just have to incrementally raise your SRS level to 5, which is Guru. You could answer correctly 3 times (raising it to Apprentice 3), then answer wrong once (down to Apprentice 2), then correct 2 times (Guru).

Isn’t that what a “current streak” of 4 means? Unless the word “streak” is being used differently than I am used to here.

You’ve got the right usage of streak. But what I’m getting at is:

Session 1: wrong, wrong, wrong, right (down a level)
Session 2: right (up a level)
Session 3: right (up a level)
Session 4: right (up a level)

It seems their ‘streak’ is counting the ‘right’ at the end of session 1, but to Guru you need 4 SRS level-ups.

Personally, I’d rather the streak didn’t count the ‘right’ in session 1. I had always assumed it wouldn’t, but I never really paid attention to streak myself.

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Ah! I see what you mean :slight_smile: And yeah, if it’s in the same session, sure, I will look it up, haha. I’m not THAT stubborn. I didn’t realize they were counting the “right” in Session 1, that seems kind of weird. I don’t think I’ve gotten many radicals wrong until level 6 actually, which is why I probably didn’t notice before. The mnemonics for lvl 6 radicals are not as good I find :confused:

Yep. This is what I figured it was doing.

I had a feeling it was doing something like this. Gotta be careful.

Another way to look at it: getting an item wrong twice is the same as getting it wrong once. Trying to see the bright side :smile: