Script to show currently unlocked similar kanji?

I am still having issues telling apart some things, mainly, 失 午 生 年 that last one I’ll probably be ok with. Would be nice to be able to create an anki deck based off similar kanji that I am having issues with to force myself to remember the visual differences. Not sure if the “visually similar kanji” that is now built into the site is manually updates but IMO those first 3 are pretty close, visually. When I see them all side by side I can remember which is which but when seeing them alone it’s hard to remember.

Wait until you see 末 and 未.

On a more serious note, I’d love to have the “visually similar radical/kanji” during lessons, so I can come up with a mnemonic to tell them apart.

For example, I used to get 牛 (cow) and 午 (noon) wrong pretty often, until I found a mnemonic for it.

牛 has this thing sticking out of the top. It’s its horn, because cows have horns, and noon doesn’t.


There’s also 士 土 :smiley:

I came up with a mnemonic for 末 vs 未 that seems to work quite well, if anyone’s interested:

In 末 the long stroke is at the end of the kanji, but in 未 it’s still making its way along so it’s not there yet :slightly_smiling_face:
(Now I just have to watch out for 夫…)

Also, for some reason 年 still gives me trouble when I try to write it, even though it was probably among the first kanji that I learned :thinking:


I have a problem with this too. There is a script for this but it doesnt work anymore, Ive tried downloading it on every browser.

The visually similar kanji section is updated by hand by WK staff, send them an email to to have it included (the coverage is not so good atm I think).

Which script is it, and what is the problem? I suspect it is very similar to the script I’m currently working on, I can take a look. I recently looked at one script for that, but I think it was integrated into WK itself (“Visually Similar Kanji” section on Kanji page only) and it used an external server, so no chance to get it running again if that is down. Maybe there is a different script?

pretty sure it was this one
but ive since deleted it.
I know WK does it themselves now, but they dont have enough similar kanji. Its like one. when 100 are the same

Yes, that script was taken over by WK. Can’t test now, but maybe the server giving you the similar kanji there is down.

Only chance to get more options is to send them to WK staff.

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