Is it worth it to learn 261 N1 kanji

I am 1/4 my way through wanikani. I am wondering if it is worth it to learn the 261 kanjis in the N1 category after wanikani. Are they not that important/useful or is there is plan for them to get added In the future.

A little early to worry about that, no? :wink:

Bear in mind there are plenty of kanji in use outside of the jouyou or N1-5 lists. Can cross that bridge when you get to it, depending on your learning objectives. Though I do believe there is the intent to add more content to WaniKani down the line.


There is no official list of Kanji for JLPT as far as I know.

Unless you want to take KanKen I wouldn’t study extra kanji after lvl 60. Just read stuff and you’ll see if you need to learn some new kanji if you encounter them several times in the wild.


Yeah the last time the JLPT published lists was in 2010 before they changed the policy. So most N1 study lists are based on that one. Not that there should be much change, but it’s something to keep in mind.

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After WK I think it’s best to just learn the kanji as you encounter them


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