Question resulting from the new voice

I’m a fan ^.^

But I do also have a question regarding this update.
When I learned かき氷 for instance (or other vocabs where the k is rendaku’ed), Kenichi pronounced it as ‘kakingoori’. Kyoko on the other hand pronounces it as ‘kakigoori’. Both seem to have a Tokyo accent, but there is still that difference. Is this a gendered thing? Or is it just preference?

I had that dilemma also, the “g” and “ng”. Leebo sent me this link to see what’s up with that: “The Nasal Allophones of G”

I dont know if that’s a gender thing, but I believe its more of a preference (I think).

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Cool link. Pretty thorough explanation too! Thanks Leebo! and @xtiandirige as well.


I think it’s like a “I want to pronounce it how it’s written” and “I dong’t really care”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Spanish is pronounced a lot like Japanese, so we usually stick to what’s written.


As long as the listener understands what I am saying :grimacing:


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