Question regarding kanji that've moved levels


So I’m about to move to the Reality area, and while taking a look at some of the upcoming kanji, I realized some were there that I distinctly remember having already learned and was doing vocabulary for (呂・郊 for example) and some are even already burned (like 又) and was wondering if when they switched they kept the SRS status? Or if not, will I have to re-learn them? Also, have they actually changed levels, or am I just like going a bit crazy? I tried to check the last couple of updates but there seems to be no mention of kanji being moved around. I tried searching the kanji in the bar and it came up with ‘no results’.


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I have some items that are the same way; one of which was moved up to level 23 (I’m working on 19 now). That item is Apprentice 3 currently, and does/has come up in reviews recently, despite me not having reached its new level.

My understanding then, is that since I’ve already unlocked it before, it remains unlocked and continues to track its SRS status despite it having been moved up several levels.

I also have some items that are burned and moved up. I’m not certain as to how that works, but I imagine “Burn” works similarly to other SRS levels; in that it won’t be reset or reintroduced.


And not to hijack your thread, but I had a question that is somewhat related as well…

At level 19 they introduce the radical for “Feeling.” This radical is only used in one Kanji in WK, which isn’t unlocked until level 55… what’s the deal with that?

Is that also a situation where a kanji was moved to a higher level?


If Items get moved around they keep their SRS-Status and if you already did the lesson for it, it will continue to show up in reviews, even if it´s now on a higher level. So you can just enjoy that past you already did the work for you.

As for the feeling radical, i just checked and this confuses me too. My guess is that this might have also been a victim of content moving around.

@Mods This sounds like it would make more sense to either move the Feeling-Radical up or the Remorse-Kanji down.


Well, in the upper levels, there are often just one radical or even no radical to learn. So moving up another might be a bit…not so smooth going as it’s intended at that point? :thinking: Just a thought. ^^’ As for moving the kanji down, I’m assuming there are plenty of reasons why not to do that already?

tbh, I don’t really see much of a problem. At the end of the day, once you reach the 50+ levels, you’ve mastered how to learn through SRS learning and WK mnemonics and your own techniques - you’re well prepared to just take on whatever WK throws at you at that point I feel. ^^’ (just my personal experience here, I’m sure others have different ones)

This is likely the case but I will double check with the content team and let you know what they say.

Thanks for the heads up.

Update: We have decided to move the ‘feeling’ radical up. This might not get changed right away as we’ll probably include it with any other changes that will be needed. Thanks again for the feedback.


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