Question - newbie coming back to WK


Please i need help. I’m using this new android device for Wanikani and when i’m doing my reviews… when i make a mistake and get it wrong i don’t have any window telling me what my mistake was, etc… it just go straight to the next question/review.

Would really appreciate if someone can help me how do i fix this?

Are you using an app or the browser?

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Im on firefox on an adroid device

I don’t have Firefox installed, but the procedure should be the same. Can you see that eye under the input field? :slight_smile:


Thank you, i do see it.

However when i push it nothing happens. And when im done writing my answer, pushing enter… it skips to the next question so i cannot review it

Do you have any scripts installed for Firefox? o:

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Only WK Font Sizer on Tampermonkey

No idea what might been happening. I’d suggest using another browser =/ Nevertheless, always worth waiting for other person that might know how to help you out :slight_smile:

You indeed cannot press the eye icon before an answer is submitted, but it shouldn’t be doing the auto-skip to the next item, of course. :thinking:

While it is unlikely that a script like that is messing with that feature, I would indeed try a different browser or try turning off all scripts to see if that might be the cause, just to be sure.

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I’m switching between using PC and an Android phone, but I’m using Chrome browser on both without any issues (Still getting many of my answers wrong though, but I guess I can’t blame the software for that - only the hardware in my skull :joy:)

But try Chrome and see if that helps. :blush:

If you are on a android device I suggest using a app, may have better luck.
I like tsurukame, there is also AlliCrab.

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