Stuck on review screen (fixed)

Wanikani gets stuck on this screen after I press enter. I’ve restarted both chrome and my computer. How can I fix this? It only happens on my laptop, my phone still works fine.

Are you running any userscripts?
(I see you are level 1, but also that you’ve been around for at least a few years, so I’m not ruling out the possibility that you are familiar with scripts).

Open the Javascript console (Press F12 and click on the Console tab) and post any errors you see there.

Also, I’m a little bit confused by what I’m seeing on the right side of your input box. I would expect to see something like this:


Yes, I’ve installed some scripts. I just reset a few days ago. The arrow you circled does show up at first, but as soon as I click on it, it turns into the loading circle. These are the errors I get:

Which scripts are you using? Try disabling scripts one at a time to see which one is causing the issue.


Yep, those errors are caused by a script that intercepts submitted answers. I’m not sure which script that would be, though I’m pretty sure it’s not Double-Check since Double-Check doesn’t have an “oldEvaluate” function, as seen in the error messages.

Are you by any chance using Katakana Madness?

Thank you all for the replies. I tried disabling scripts one at a time, and it was the “close, but no cigar” script that was causing the issue.


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