Question about WaniKani's built in IME

Hello WK users,

I’m not sure why my reading response was incorrect for 「入力」 as seen here:

For typing this answer, I believe I inputted the following as a means of WK’s IME to output hiragana characters:
“nyu” “u” “ryo” “ku”. Is the correct way to answer it “nyu u ri yo ku”? In either case I beleive the output hiragana would be the same as the correct answer. Perhaps I am confused with my pronunciations.

Thanks for any help!

It does seem to say in your bar 「にゅうりよく」(nyu - u - ri- yo - ku) instead of 「にゅうりょく」(nyu - u -ryo - ku), which it should be.

Ryo and Riyo are indeed not pronounced the same, so they have to be spelled specifically. ^^ There is definitely a difference in the output hiragana if you type “riyo” versus “ryo.”


From the FAQ

Here’s a comprehensive Japanese typing guide if you’re interested ^^


Thank you very much for the response. I must have typed it incorrectly. I did not realize that there is a small ょ for signifying ryo, or that there is a difference in pronunciation between ri - yo and ryo. Thanks for the lessons!

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The small versions are tricky so see, you should type nyu-u-ryo-ku, alternatively you can write (not recommended!) ni-xyu-u-ri-xyo-ku to force the small versions (obviously more typing for no benefit).

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Thanks, I’ll check out the guide. I’m assuming I must also could not type ryo - ku, and that it must be ryoku all together?


Correct, it would be typed as “ryoku”, no space in between anything :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the help

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もちろん ! If you have any questions in the future, don’t hesitate to ask, everyone is very helpful around here ^^

Welcome to WK! :crabigator::sparkles:


You can practice typing with the IME on WanaKana


I certainly will, thanks again!

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I do suggest you set up an IME on your computer system. This guide covers most major operating systems. However, if you are using linux or some other OS, do not hesitate to ask here. Someone will probably know how to help you :wink:

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All this “ryoku” talk makes me do a double take. >_> but then, why would anyone start a thread about me? :sweat_smile:

Looks like it’s all figured out now, though, awesome! Welcome to WK @mindderive!


The entire poll thread(s) are a tribute to the greatness of your existence :fried_shrimp::yellow_heart::durtle_love:


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