Kanji Quiz is marking my correct answers as wrong

I am a beginner and just starting to learn kanji, in fact today was the first time I unlocked any Kanji. As I was answering the “reading” for 力 and 九 I was marked wrong for typing "りよく” and “きゆう” respectively. How come one on’yomi is rejected but not the other? Is it because りき and く are more common pronounciations? It was frustrating getting those wrong when I know they are right.

This must be a bug right?

Please note the difference between りょく and りよく. The same goes for きゅう. To get the little versions of those letters you have to type ‘ryoku’ for the first one and ‘kyuu’ for the second one. There are also alternate input methods for those, instructions can be found around the forums.


Thank you, I had no idea those were different. I see the hiragana characters and just assume I’m supposed to type them out symbol by symbol.

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@bynars99 is correct. You have to know how to type in a Japanese IME to produce the right sounds. Please look at this thread here, and I’ve linked to Koichi’s IME tutorial at the top.

I’m looking forward to the day that WK pages have descriptive page titles. :confused:


*nods* Good point.
I had to scroll over it to see if Aarix had beat me to the IME tutorial… however it was the FAQ he linked instead. So my link was still valid. (Yay!)
Yeah, that would be nice. Do Tofugu pages have descriptions?

Are you studying Japanese outside of WaniKani as well? Most textbooks and hiragana resources should explain the combo sounds.

I have been, but apparently I missed the part where there are kana that are smaller that make the combo a different sound. I just though it was every time those kana were together they sounded like that. I should change the title of this post to “Kanji Quiz is marking my wrong answers as wrong”.


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