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So here is something I dont understand, I have begun using the WK core 10k deck in anki, and love the style, I actually only plan to finish the first 6k and then begin sentence mining. My question is about how much I should be doing a day, I am totally fine going fast, and doing a lot a day (32 new right now well see if I can keep it up as review pile on), but what I dont understand is every forum question about how much to do is something along the lines of 6k/365 is 16, so 16 a day will have you done in a year. Which would be true, if it weren’t for the fact that for each word that makes up the 6k there are 5 cards. I cant imagine people are doing 80 cards a day, but I’m also inclined to believe that people are actually succeeding in completing these deck in less than a year. so whats happening here, do people do 80 cards a day? or do they just decide they only care to review a word in one way?

I haven’t used the deck you’re speaking of, but the first vocab decks I used were just one card per note – Japanese on the front, English on the back. That was plenty to get the basics down and to start understanding/reading Japanese in the wild. So I would start there – do you really need all 5 cards for every note to memorize the words? For some people the repetition and the different modes of quizzing is more needed than for others.
Maybe that could serve as a starting point to reduce workload.


As @Myria pointed out, when people refer to doing a certain amount per day of vocab, it is almost always in terms of words, rather than cards. So, 16 words a day means 16 cards a day for people with one card type per vocab word.

I also used to do the Core 2k with 5 different card types (reading the word, listening to the word, reading an example sentence, listening to an example sentence, producting the word from an english translation). I find instead doing one card type per vocab is a much better use of my time personally - such as having the Japanese on the front, and on the back is the English, the example sentence, and the audio for both the word then the example sentence are played.

If you are interested in reformatting your cards and changing how many cards per note (aka cards per vocab word), check out the Anki manual. And if you need any help with that, feel free to post any questions!


Thanks, hearing that the extra study of all words isnt necessary, is useful, I had already suspended all the sentence cards because my grammar isnt up to snuff for all of them yet, Probably what ill do is drop the hearing practice for each word and keep the Japanese->english and english->Japanese as I often find myself knowing the meaning of kanji but not the reading (however maybe wanikani should just pickup this slack?) I’ll try some different things, but hearing that even just doing one of the five is sufficient is helpful

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Also, this is the deck I’m using