How many new words per day?

I recently started with the core 2k on anki, I never have really used anki before so I’m not sure how I should schedule myself.
How new words many do you recommend per day? (I will lower it or raise it if I see fit in the future)

This will depend on how much time you have, and how much you already know, but I’d recommend sticking to around 20 new items a day.

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I’ll give it a go, for a bit. Thanks :slight_smile:

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It indeed really depends on your level. If you’re already familiar with most of them, you can increase it to 30 or more. If they’re all brand new and you’re already struggling with Kanji and voc of Wanikani, 10 can be enough.

Test it. There’s a lot of variables that can influence the number of words you’re able to learn per day. Are you feeling energetic? Is it late at night? Are the words difficult?

With time, you’ll get used to how you perform and you’ll then be able to define a good number for you :slight_smile: For now, just go with the flow.

The correct answer is 10, but you can also follow all of the above advice if you’d like :slight_smile:

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Look at him showing off his muscles on the forums :muscle::muscle:

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Yeah, my brain muscles :brain: :muscle:


Personally I find those 〇k decks not very helpful. I tried one for 3 weeks and about half of the words I already knew and it just felt like a waste of time. I know I could probably remove those cards from the deck but that would require so much more work than I’d be willing to bother with. What I’m doing is when I read a manga or play a video game in Japanese or any other source of reading, I add all the unfamiliar words to an anki deck myself. Sure it’s a bit of work but at least I know I’m not wasting my time with cards of words that I already know.

Maybe I will do that in the future, but right now I need a lot of the more words to get me to the point of not having to look up one for every two I read.

I’m doing the Iknow 6k and I disagree with this statement.
It was a bother farming the first two thousand or so word lists for what I didn’t know, but beyond that I find its being very helpful.
Currently have 400 words in my learning queue.

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I was just sharing my personal experience, of course it varies from person to person. It didn’t work for me, but hey if it works well for you then keep on going, I won’t try to stop you to prove my own point.

I was just providing a counter argument that I feel they are helpful.
I realise my phrasing was a bit aggressive, apologies for that.

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I do between 20 and 30. Sometimes 40 if I’m feeling brave. I find it’s easier to remember new words in the cards that are sentences because of context. The single word cards can be harder to remember if the word doesn’t capture my imagination.

Just go by feel. If you’re finishing your reviews really quickly up the new cards a bit. If you feel like launching your device off the wall slow down a bit.

@RysingDragon You actually didn’t say “It didn’t work for you”, you said “There was some effort so I didn’t do it.”

For the other people in this thread, what I did is I took the 10K, I split off the WK words into a different deck that was just for E-> J so I was able to pull off words I was certain I knew, and then I just simply suspend cards / notes as I come across them, it literally takes the press of one button.

I do the core deck through and I don’t suspend/remove any words. Sometimes I “know” a word in that I can read it, but can’t recall the word when given the English. And even more often I can’t recognize the word from the audio. There is certainly some time wasted here with words that I truly do know all around, but not enough to risk skipping words I only half know.

That’s my approach for what it’s worth.

All of them

Yea, there’s plenty of words that I “know” but have kept for one reason or another. Mostly I suspend things that are really just duplicates, like あっち and あちら, I just don’t need both. Or words like する and アイスコーヒー

5 new cards a day or the reviews will crush you when the super reviews kick in.

I recently started it, so to avoid starting from 0, I jumped to new words I don’t actually know.
I created a couple of custom courses with the words I don’t know from the first two thousand.
I then worked though these.
It was on the level of, something like 1800 words out of the 2000 that I know well enough that it would have been a waste of time; I will eventually go back and do these words too.
I’m getting a lot more benefit like this at the moment though, I feel.