Whats the best Anki vocab core deck to use, and at what level?

Hi everyone, similar to topic. I’m currently doing “hey Japan” Android app, which seems to make me understand the grammer quite well for JLPT N5 level. I used another app which made me learn maybe 550/750 or so N5 level vocab.

I was hoping to jump onto one of the core decks or nayars I heard?

Do you know whether its best to start with the core decks after knowing JLPT N5 or N4? As I heard many of them are structured like a sentence that its recommended you know grammer structure and vocab before hand?

Also do you know which core deck to start with? I’d like to pick say 2000 core deck, but I don’t want to complete it only to find out 1/3 of it will be repeated in the 6000 core deck.

Added to this, the nayars one I heard is 5000, which kind of feels like a good number for me? As after 5000 I feel like its the best spot to study my own vocab. Do you think at around that point would be approximately N3 vocab? (Yeah I know they don’t measure exactly like this).

Thanks all!

It’s exactly that. 2k Core 10 is 1/3 of the Core 6k. You can always suspend that 2k later, but I have no idea how to do that on Anki in an easy way.

If I recall correctly, at that point I had mostly N2 vocab appearing with some N3 here and there.


brows → select deck → order by created → select whatever percentage you want to suspend → right click → toggle suspend or (CTRL + J)

if you set an upper bound the the number of new cards every day and do cards in order,
Screenshot from 2021-02-27 13-01-49

you’ll see the core 2k cards before the core 3k cards etc.

i’ve heard 3k, 2.3k but you’re also doing wanikani… maybe it’s best no to do too many flashcards. an supper easy book will have less than 3k vocabs. it’s honestly normal for light novels to have 4k words. so unless you really enjoy flashcards, maybe try picking up an easy book after 1k/2k vocab.

for added bonus you could reorder you cards based on a frequency list with morph-man. pick a book with a small vocabulary (floflo/koohi can do that apparently) and reorder the 6k deck with morphman.

Improved 3K Deck - AnkiWeb is apparently very nice
and this is more compact Improved Core 2.3K VN Order (Modified/Alt 3K Core) - AnkiWeb


Thanks for this, gives me a really good idea on what to expect and how its set up. I thought so that it was a partial connection. Maybe its worth starting on 6k. Do it in order, and stop after ~5ish.

Thanks for this! I really like the sound of a 3K deck as its a lot of words, but not unbearable. It sounds like a good amount to start picking up a book as well, so I think I might actually go this route. Especially as afterwards I might start concentrating on media (animelon maybe) which I think will be fun to watch.

Do you know if its best to start the deck straight away? Or wait until after a certain JLPT level so I at least have a minimum understanding of certain grammer?


be aware that doing wanikani is more or less like doing a 3k deck. not sure if doing both is going to be very helpful on the long run.

they don’t really help each other, do you grammar and vocab next to each other. both take a bit of time to grasp/get used to. ideally you want to be able to start watching/reading easy things asap, so gauge yourself. watch something supposedly easy and see if you have more grammatical problem or vocab problem. divide the time between the two accordingly since both will take a some time to settle in. that being said grammar is easier to “remember” when you encounter it in the wild(at least for comprehension, production is another story) .

all of those things aside unless you do something like a core 30k deck, you’re going to bump into new words VERY often for a long period of time(i don’t know how long, don’t ask me, i’ve lookup more than 1.5k words in the last 2 weeks, i’ve been reading a lot lately but still). so you need to set up some sort of mechanism to remember things you have a hard time remembering(or everything if you like).
so maybe accept that you’ll be bumping into new words left and right and just make flashcards for words you feel you’re not going to remember and hope you pick up the rest “naturally”.

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